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If you have unwanted hair and are sick and tired of shaving, plucking or tweezing you may want look into a more permanent hair removal process. When looking at the options for hair removal you find three common choices; waxing, electrolysis, and laser removal.

Waxing involves the use of heated wax that is allowed to cool and then removed. Waxing is not very painless, in fact there is a high degree of pain involved with the procedure. First, the wax must be hot in order to apply it. Once the wax is applied, it must be removed. When it is removed, the hair is pulled out by the root.

Electrolysis is the process of killing the hair follicles by delivering a small electrical shock to the follicle itself. The electrical shocks can be felt, but they do not hurt. The drawback to electrolysis is that each hair must be dealt with individually, this makes the process long and expensive. If you have a large area to treat, electrolysis could require several visits to accomplish your goals.

Laser hair removal is a new technology that also kills the hair follicles. The difference with laser treatments is they can be done over large areas. The laser can kill multiple follicles at a time. This speeds up the process and saves money for you. Large areas of the body can be treated in a single visit. The pain involved in laser hair removal is very minimal. You may experience a tingling sensation.

Most people are good candidate's for laser hair removal. It is true that those who have light colored skin and dark colored hair are the most successful candidates.

For this reason if you planning to have the procedure you should not tan just prior to it. Any area of the body can be treated for hair removal. . . CONTINUE

options for hair removal

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