Safety in the Chair and on The Table - Laser Safety Glasses and Dental Eyewear Protection


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A pair of safety glasses is highly recommended for anyone dealing with various levels of laser activity. Optical protection gear is the first line of defense in protecting the eye from any harm that comes from the exposure of laser beams. Doctors use protective glasses and eyewear to shield their eyes from harmful backlash when performing dental procedures, skin resurfacing and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Lab technicians also benefit from laser safety glasses when completing scientific experiments and research.

Product Standards

In the development of laser safety glasses, there is a certain level of craftsmanship that protective eyewear companies must adhere to. This set of requirements is presented through the ANSI Z136 series of standards. The basic safe use of lasers is graded as an ANSI Z136.1 product. When work is done in an environment regarding the use of lasers in Optical Fiber Communication Systems, protective eyewear should adhere to the ANSI Z136.2 standard. Usually, jobs involving laser diode and LED sources will benefit from a product under this standard.

Products under the ANSI Z136.3 standard are cleared for the safe use of lasers within the health care environment. A pair of glasses with the ANSI Z136.5 stamp of approval of safety is guaranteed within the educational setting. When lasers are used in the outdoors, an ANSI Z136.6 pair of laser safety glasses is recommended.

Laser Safety Eyewear Companies

When selecting and purchasing laser safety eyewear, you will find an array of filters and frames to choose from. To pinpoint the best protection, visibility and comfort in eyewear, it is wise to compare various brands and all that they have to offer. For instance, some companies will only offer the eyewear for purchase, while other brands come with a small accessory kit, including cleaning supplies and storage cases. Below, you will find a few details on some of the laser safety eyewear companies in the industry:

Trinity Technologies

Comfortable metal frame glasses with your choice of optional side shields are offered through this company. Laser eyewear comes in a variety of sizes, including small, medium and large. Besides the frame and lens color, there is a wide range of factors that determine the kind of eyewear you will need. Lens height, eye size, temple size, frame pupillary distance and the distance between lenses are all taken into consideration to bring you the best fit possible. Prescription lenses are also offered through this company. Convenient accessories, such as anti-fog wipes, lens cleaner and cloth, protective eyewear case, as well as a head strap are available.

Cascade Laser Corporation

The laser safety eyewear presented by this company complies with the ANSI Standard Z.136.1, which means that the product is good for the basic, safe use of lasers. For those who may need more than one pair of safety eyewear, details, such as the optical density and corresponding wavelengths are clearly visible on all laser eyewear selections. This helps users to properly identify the eyewear that they use. With a purchase from Cascade, you will receive a protective cover, cleaning solution and cloth and safety strap. Consumers will also find use for the easy-to-follow instructions regarding use, care and storage options.

Philips Safety Products

Not just the handlers of lasers need protection for their eyes. While the well-known Philips Company offers a variety of high-quality laser safety eyewear, there are also options for the patients of laser doctors to use. Philips presents efficient Patient Block Out Glasses that offer fully adjustable stainless steel eye-cups and nose pieces. One of the best features of this eyewear is that they are conveniently unbreakable, making a great cost-efficient choice for physicians.

Nathan Waterman certified in industrial PPE use and OSHA requirements writes for and reported on dental protective eyewear .


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