Water and Why You Need It

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Considering your body is made up of fifty to seventy percent water, it's surprising how few people know why it's so important. Did you know that you can survive for weeks at a time without any food. I don't suggest trying it and I'm sure it can't be a good experience for those who have done it. But, things could have been worse. You would never survive that long without water. Without water, in just a matter of days, you will die. Obviously water is important, and the amount of water needed by everyone is different. It varies by sex, byweight, and my the amount of muscle mass vs the amount of fat you have.

Water Works In Many Ways

Water does a number of things in your body. It helps primarily in the breaking down of other substances, and the transportation of particles throughout your body. Nutrients wouldn't be able to move through your intestinal cell walls to your bloodstream, if your food wasn't firstdissolved and broken down with the aid of water. Much of the waste that is carried out of your body is facilitated by water working with the organs of your body. Biochemical reactions would not occur without water acting as a medium. Metabolism for instance. Electrical impulses that contain messages from your brain to other cells that allow you to see, hear, smell, taste and touch couldn't make the journey without water. Perspiration on your skin, was at one time water in a glass or food you ate. Water is also kind of like the oil in your car, making sure all moving parts are well lubricated.

How Much Water Do I Need

Did you know, that every day you lose water equal to about four percent of your body weight. Thats like 6 pounds for someone of 150 pounds. No wonder experts suggest that we drink about 8 eight ounce glasses of water. Those of you quickly doing the math will realize that those eight glasses of water don't equal 6 pounds. And what if you weigh more than 150 pounds? Fortunately, we can get water into our body from other sources. Pretty much all food we digest contains water in it. Some even more than you may think. Lettuce is about 90 percent water, and probably no one is to surprised about that. But did you know that hamburger is actually more than 50 percent water. Bagels which you would think of as being pretty dry, actually contain about 30 percent water. Good thing I suppose, as I think my taste buds would be revolting if I was forced to drink 6 pounds or more of water every day.

For more fascinating tips about water and other nutritional facts, can be found at the websites listed below.

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