Why You Think Foods Taste Good

Chris Campbell

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Whoever decided that good tasting food (like chocolate) would be bad for you, and that bad tasting foods (like broccoli) should be good for you really screwed up. I just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Usually mother nature is pretty smart when it comes to this kind of stuff. Don't you think, that evolution and natural selection would have kicked in somewhere down the road and reversed this little mistake. Just think of all the health care issues that would be resolved if broccoli tasted like chocolate, and chocolate tasted like broccoli.

Dietary Nirvana

Instead of a nation of overweight couch potatoes, we would all have the bodies of Jack LeLane and Madonna. Wow, now that's a scary sounding couple. We'd also be spending a whole lot less money on crazy weight loss fads, and bizarre exercise machines that look like they originated from torture chambers in medieval times. Hospitals wouldn't be overburdened, health care wouldn't be in such a crisis, and all my clothes would fit so much better. Think of all the research money that has been spent on curing diseases that really originated from bad eating habits. Maybe we should be diverting some of that money into fixing mother natures little food tasting mix up.

Taste Buds vs Food Genetics

The way I see it, there's one of two ways to approach this problem. Either we fix the food, or we fix the people. More specifically, the taste buds attached to those people. How hard can it be to trick a few tiny little defenseless taste buds? Scientists already understand how taste buds work. Just have them rewire some of those connections. Sure, some of the reasons you like or dislike certain foods have something to do with your cultural upbringing and personal experiences. But, I think, it would be great if there was just a little harmless pill we could swallow before every meal, that tricked our taste buds. Imagine, if instead of liver, onions, and carrots for dinner, your taste buds would be telling your brain that you were enjoying a delicious meal of lobster, chocolate cake, and ice cream. Who needs dessert after a meal like that. No thanks not me, I'm stuffed.

So, let's divert a little of that research Mr President and Prime Minister. In the long run we'd all be better off. Not to mention getting rid of all those Suzanne Sommers thigh master infomercials once and for all.

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