Which Is The Right Tooth Whitening Method For You?


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If you’ve just decided that tooth whitening is for you, then you will probably want to know about the different methods available. Why?

Simply because there’s so many of them, and some options may suit you more than others. So with this in mind, let’s go over some of the most popular teeth whitening methods.

Now one of the most popular choices (and something most people at least try before going to the dreaded dentist!) is the “over-the-counter” type product.

These can range from the simple whitening toothpaste, all the way to home tooth whitening kits.

But most people find better results from going to see a dentist. Although many people worry about going to the dentist, things have changed a lot with advances of technology, so things tend to be less uncomfortable.

Also, most dentists know that we get a little apprehensive, so they should be trained to put you at ease and make you feel at home.

One of the most popular ways of whitening teeth at the dentist, is with a dental tray containing a peroxide chemical. This is usually the best way to achieve tooth whitening.

How does this work? Basically, a tray is loaded with the chemical into a tray (which could be a standard size, or custom made for you depending on what treatment you’ve decided on), and put in your mouth. The chemical will then react with the saliva in your mouth which causes it to release the Hydrogen Peroxide.

A slightly more expensive an advanced method of tooth whitening is the Laser method. This method involves a chemical called Carbamide Peroxide being applied to your teeth. Then a laser is used to create a reaction in the chemical, which then causes your teeth to whiten.

Now some people do perfectly fine with the home tooth whitening kits. But you will probably have longer (and better) results by having the professional treatment from a dentist.

I hope this has helped shred a little light on the different options that are available to you for teeth whitening.

Sarah is a writer for the Tooth Whitening Blog, where you can find even more information on tooth whitening, to help you find the best tooth whitening method for you. You can also find out the best places to have tooth whitening in San Diego, California .


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