Waiting for Cancer to Quit? Celebrate the Great American Smokeout Day


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It is a pity to notice people, struggling to quit smoking when they are diagnosed cancer. No other reason appears serious enough to stop smoking…eh? This fact brings forward the power of nicotine, to control human mind and its functioning. Many studies on tobacco and cigarette smoking have revealed that the FEEL GOOD factor of nicotine is the main culprit which compels the person to breath in all those 400 poisons in tobacco smoke.

Do you know something? It is going to complete 30 years…I mean the Great American Smokeout day, which has been celebrated every third Thursday since 1976. This program is sponsored by American Cancer Society to help people quit smoking and this year, the Smokeout day takes place on 16th November. If you were looking for a special day to start your smoking cessation endeavor…I think this is THE DAY!!

All major tobacco treatment programs or smoking cessation programs involve four steps;

  • Identifying the daily triggering behavior

  • Uncovering motivation of the behavior

  • Adopting alternative coping skills

  • Tobacco cessation medications
Most of the time cigarette smoking associates itself with specific time and behavior. Every morning after getting up, due to a long gap of 6 to 8 hours, smokers suffer withdrawal symptoms. So, immediately they light up the cigarette and get over the withdrawal. In this case, the better alternative would be drinking a glass of orange juice after brushing the teeth and enjoy 15 minutes exercise. There are behaviors which demand a cigarette, like, drinking coffee, driving, and writing, studying or reading…you feel like smoking. The quit smoking programs teach little life style changes to handle those behaviors and times without smoke.

While changing life style, smokers feel a sudden emptiness in their lives without cigarette. During the smoking cessation program, the smokers learn to use healthy alternatives and thereby combat the cravings for smoke.

There are medications available to help you quit smoking, like nicotine replacements, anti depressants like Zyban and Chantix. Compared to other anti-smoking medications, Chantix , the newest smoking cessation aid made by Pfizer, has given more promising results. This is because, the smoker does not have to take nicotine, as Chantix works in the same way as Nicotine and provides the same feel good effect. When the main apple of discord is ‘nicotine kick’, Chantix does hit the bull’s eye!

There are a thousand ways by which you can stop smoking, but only one condition: Your willingness to quit. The Smokeout day is approaching near….decide to quit with thousands of other Americans by your side.

The author, Monalisa Hyden, addresses psychological and health related issues. If you wish to help yourself and your loved ones in quit smoking, you can log on to http://www.chantixhome.com for more information and advice.


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