The Hazards of Conventional Methods of Treating Eczema


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The most common conventional treatment for eczema is none other than corticosteroid creams and ointments. These corticosteroid creams can be bought over-the-counter, but in many cases the doctor will prescribe a stronger corticosteroid cream or ointment. It is an established fact that these steroid creams, regardless its strength, brings about side effects of repeated or long-term use. These side effects include thinning of the skin, infections, growth suppression (in children), and stretch marks on the skin.

When topical corticosteroids are no longer effective, the doctor may prescribe a systemic corticosteroid. Typically, these medications are used only in resistant cases and only given for short periods of time. The side effects of systemic corticosteroids are more serious. It includes skin damage, thinned or weakened bones, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, infections, and cataracts.

Hydrocortisone or topical corticosteroid creams do not address the cause. They simply suppress the symptoms. This, in the long term, is very dangerous. In order to be healed, you really need to address the cause of the irritation, not the symptoms. Your skin is manifesting those symptoms to warn you of the dangers taking place within your body. It is a warning. Silencing this warning gives you a false sense of security. It is like taking the battery out of a smoke alarm so that you no longer hear the annoying beep. The purpose of the smoke alarm's high pitch ring is to alert you of impending danger and to save life. Silencing that warning signal is dangerous. I hope this analogy gives you an idea what hydrocortisone is doing to your body. You're shutting off the body's warning signal! Your body is warning you of the high toxicity that exists within it. The inflammation, redness, itchiness etc. are evidence of the fight existing between your immune system and those toxic invaders. Hydrocortisone (steroids) suppress the immune system and impedes their ability to fight and defend against those toxic invaders.

Nonetheless, the most important thing that you need to address is the identification of the toxic allergen/irritant that is promoting your distress. When you get rid of the thing that is promoting your distress than the body can truly heal. Hydrocortisone is not addressing the cause; its simply suppressing your body's warning signal to alert of the danger happening within the body. In addition, and because the body sees the medication as an additional foreign allergen/irritant it is causing further damage to the immune system and promoting the longterm suffering.

Healing and symptom suppression are not the same thing. With the steroid/hydrocortisone treatments, you're simply covering the problem; thus the problem remains. You need to remove the problem so that the healing can complete its course.

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