Women's Weight - Do You Really Want To Be Slim?


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Many women are obsessed with their weight and want to be slim or skinny. but is this really healthy?

No it’s not.

They are they falling victim to multi pound fashion and beauty industry brain washing.

Let’s look at women’s weight in more detail and how the above industries are manipulating women’s perception of the ideal weight.

Today, women are more conscious of their weight than ever.

This has not always been so.

In the sixties the biggest sex symbols of all time were not skinny at all, they were very curvy.

Take a look at women such as Marylyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield as examples.

In the sixties there was a change, as Twiggy emerged on the scene and became a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, Twiggy would look fat against some of the models that strut the catwalk.

But is being skinny really appealing or healthy?

The answer to both questions is no.

In a recent poll men were shown an alternative group of 10 women who were slim and 10 who were curvy.

85% picked a women from the curvy group as being more appealing.

Furthermore, we all need a certain amount of body fat to be healthy and if we don’t we can fall ill.

There is a difference between not being over weight and being to skinny and most women fall in between.

Fact is men prefer women with curves and its healthy.

The real worry is young girls today think they have to conform to what they see in the media and try to be so thin that anorexia cases are soaring.

Fashion models are not good role models for normal women.

Take into account many are to thin and in many instances in magazines picture editing can and is used to make them even thinner.

So, if you are worried about those few extra pounds (providing you not over weight) and you have curves don’t worry too much.

Men love them and it’s a lot healthier than trying to be a stick insect.


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