Tips for Having More Good Hair Days


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Who doesn't feel better on a ‘good hair day'? Sometimes they come right out of the blue - often just as soon as you make up your mind to get a new cut or color because you can't do anything else with it! Why is it so hard to get your hair to do what you want?


The mysteries of maintaining beautiful hair should have been uncovered by now, but for many women finding a simple way to keep their hair looking wonderful is as elusive as it was to women centuries before.

The desire for beautiful hair is not new. Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads and wore elaborate, heavy, braided wigs to achieve perfection. European history also abounds with torturous hair styles including the ornate, powdered styles wrapped around frames and horsehair which attracted vermin.

Today, fashion still influences a woman's hairstyle but that doesn't mean you have to subject your hair to needless damage. Take advantage of the tips below on caring properly for your hair.


Hair is not a living part of your body. However, your hair still needs proper care for optimum health and beauty. One of the key elements to having shiny, healthy hair is to allow the natural oils in the scalp to lubricate it. The hair closest to the scalp benefits from natural sebum oils the most while longer hair can become dry and brittle from a lack of these oils.

Shampoo, no matter what exotic ingredients it's made up of, performs a simple job of removing excess oils; pollution and styling product build up from the hair. All of your hair needs gentle cleansing but it is the top two or three inches that is most weighed down with natural oils and dulling hair products. Concentrating the washing in that area will reduce the amount of oils removed from longer areas of hair which can be over dried from the stripping of oils and extended contact with shampoo.

Conditioning on the other hand should be used sparingly, if at all, on the top inches of the hair while concentrated on the ends. Conditioning is an important step to replace needed oils and provide protection from styling agents such as blow dryers and irons.


Your hair will look its most beautiful when you choose a style that requires the least amount of heat and product damage. Protecting your hair with conditioners is an asset, but choosing a style that suits the texture of your hair will eliminate the need for more torturous styling tools.

Frizzy and dry hair can benefit from the application of silicone based products. Bear in mind that a little goes a long way and concentrate the product on the ends of your hair.

When you blow your hair dry keep the blow dryer at least six inches from your hair to prevent excessive damage from the heat. Blow drying in the direction of the shaft (down the length of hair) will create a smoother appearance.


If you use chemicals in your hair you should make sure your hair is in a healthy condition before applying the treatment. Overuse of these treatments can damage hair beyond repair and affect the results of the products.


Your hair will look shinier and feel thicker when you remove dried and split ends. Trimming the hair every 6 to 8 weeks will keep it looking its best.

Taking simple steps to maintain healthy hair will put you on track to more ‘good hair days’ than you ever thought possible!

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