Stopping Antidepressants—What May Happen?

Athlyn Green

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Stopping antidepressants can present unique challenges. Troubling withdrawal symptoms may appear, making this endeavor difficult.

Your doctor may have decided that you are ready to wean yourself from antidepressant medication. You may be feeling better or you may not have found appreciable reduction in depressive symptoms or adverse effects may have been persistent. Whatever the reason, you are currently in the process of trying to stop antidepressants.

Now, you are grappling with side effects that were not anticipated. Trying to get off antidepressants may seem like another uphill battle, similar to that fought when waging the war on your depression.

What can happen when stopping antidepressants? What reactions may be experienced? How should the process be approached?

What is known is that stopping an antidepressant medication suddenly may precipitate a reaction. As well, reactions may be different for different antidepressants. Sleep disturbances can manifest in insomnia or nightmares or vivid dreams. You may experience dizziness, sweating, or lethargy. Nausea, abdominal pain, or diarrhea may cause distress. These symptoms may appear soon after stopping antidepressant use. Just knowing that some of these reactions can occur may make the process of trying to stop antidepressants a little easier.

Your doctor can provide you with assistance and advice, when you are attempting to discontinue drug treatment. He may mention that any drug that has been taken longer than eight weeks should be gradually reduced. You should not attempt the process of trying to get off antidepressants without your doctor’s aid.

You will have to be patient. If you have been taking an antidepressant for a long time, it may take a period of months. In some cases, after trying to discontinue an antidepressant, your doctor may recommend switching to another drug—if discontinuation reactions have been too severe. He may then wean you off gradually. From the foregoing, it can be seen that stopping antidepressants can be a mixed bag of tricks. The good news is that, in most cases, reactions are mild and transitory.

Alternative remedies via natural approaches are increasingly being turned to. Natural preparations can be safely embarked on and if a person decides to discontinue supplements, side effects will not be a concern, as when trying to stop antidepressants.

Research has revealed that natural supplements are an effective alternative treatment approach, containing ingredients that act in the same fashion as antidepressants to treat depression. Brain cognition and functioning can be enhanced using quality supplements. Natural remedies offer health enhancing potent ingredients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, herbal extracts and specialty supplements, formulated to calm the nervous system and restore brain functioning. Specific ingredients may include valerian (which some studies suggest has a neuroprotective effect), used in treating mood disorders which include depression; calcium and magnesium for easing physical and emotional stress; ginkgo biloba, used for treating depression and aiding in improved cognitive functioning (mental acuity, concentration); and chamomile, offering anxiolytic effects (anxiety reduction). If you are concerned about discontinuation effects encountered when trying to get off antidepressants, herbals may be the answer.

People have found that discontinuing natural supplements presents a different scenario from that experienced when they have tried stopping antidepressants , and struggled with unwanted side effects.

For this reason, if you are concerned about possible discontinuation reactions that may surface when trying to stop antidepressants, it is comforting to know that natural supplements offer valuable and viable treatment choices for future consideration.

Once you and your doctor have decided on the best course for you, you can go forward, with a realistic idea of what to expect when stopping antidepressants.

Athlyn Green is an avid health enthusiast with an interest in natural remedies for treatment of health disorders. She has contributed to Trying To Stop Antidepressants , a section of dedicated to natural treatments and prescription drug alternatives for this disorder.


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