How To Nullify Poison Oak At Home


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Nature is mostly kind to humans. But at times there are exceptions. Some of the natural products and the natural surroundings bother you at the most unsuspected times, in the most unexpected manner!

Take for instance, when you take a stroll over a sumac, you walk into these patches of poison oak with lots of expectation and wonderful, happy feelings. But soon you may realize that these little plants are allergens to you.

You would rush out of this grove, all confused. You would wish to secure instantaneous relief from the plant-induced itchy suffering. But to fight this mild cruelty of nature, you need not go to a drug store or your family doctor. Reach your kitchen and look out for the oatmeal container. Nature produces certain master strokes and oatmeal is one of them.

Be ready for the oatmeal bath. Cut a piece of nylon hosiery. At one end, tie a knot and loop it over the bathtub. It should be done in such a way that hot water flows through the piece of hosiery. Take the bath slowly and steadily.

There is another way of doing it, if you don't like the bath procedure. Take a bowl and put hot water into it. Keep the oatmeal-filled hosiery into it for 15 minutes. Squeeze the bag many times and let the fluid escape as much as possible. When throught with it, take a cotton wad and apply it gently to the affected part of the skin. You will find relief as the healing process begins immediately.

Another method to treat the skin inflammation caused due to the touch of poison oak or poison ivy is to wash the area with a good soap and water. Rinse it and do it repeatedly, at least three times. Most of the poison will be washed away. You can also use alcohol in the same manner. Even rinsing the skin with water for a number of times will get you lots of relief.

The Jewelweed plant (touch-me-not plant) is another useful home remedy. Crust its leaves and stems and make a paste. Wash the affected area with cold clean water. Apply the paste gently all over the area. This is the time when your body requires the skin rejuvenating Vitamin C. Eat fruits and drink lots of milk.

Understand this poison oak is not a disease. It is just one of those happenings!

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Flushing Out the Poison
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