How To Build Your Biceps


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Biceps; the elusive muscle that seems to grow not at all with repeated weight-training why? How can I build my biceps and see the results? Many people try and focus strictly on exercises that are geared for the bicep muscle. Yet they see very little in the way of results after many weeks of strenuous working out. Where are they going wrong?

Biceps are not a muscle that can be trained independently. It is a part of a larger muscle mass and must be trained along with the other muscles in this group to develop properly. Wasting your time on repeated curls or hammering them will only frustrate you and your efforts to see well-defined biceps emerge in place of the ones you have now.

To effectively build your biceps, you need to focus on the entire upper body muscle group. You need to focus on building your back, your shoulders, your chest and even your upper legs to ultimately build the biceps and develop the muscle mass you desire.

While it is important to work all of these muscles, it is best to focus the biceps on the same day you focus on the back as the same muscles ultimately come into play. And all of the muscle groups will suffer if they are overworked; thus the need to stagger the days with exercises that work different muscles each day.

Ultimately, you do not want to work your biceps more than two to three times a week as any more than that can cause unnecessary muscle strain and be counter-productive to the overall muscle building that is desired.

Also, you want to begin with a weight that is sufficient for you to maintain the regiment to follow and no more. Starting with too much weight is just as counter-productive as starting with too little weight. Pace yourself and build the weight slowly and you will see the results you are seeking.

Generally speaking, it is not the number of reps that build the muscle, it is the endurance of the weight of the same. So ideally, you should not exceed three sets of six for any one exercise when working on the biceps.

Standing barbell curls followed by inclined dumb-bell curls are an excellent series of exercises done in the afore mentioned pattern to build the biceps.

These should be repeated until the weight no longer gives resistance to the muscle action and then the weight should be upped accordingly, progressing only to heavier weight when the new weight also no longer gives resistance to the muscle's movements.

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how to build your biceps

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How To Get Big Biceps
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