The Common Thing That All Aromatherapy Products Share


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All the aromatherapy oils and scents come from different lands, yet they all have one common but amusing thing in common. You find aromatherapy products from China, India, Africa, and so on. Apart from the common name they all bear as aromatherapy, there is another thing they all have in common.

I have discovered that irrespective of the varying cultural lands that aromatherapy originate from, that all the product line have a latin name. Foeniculum Vulgare is the latin name for Fennel Bitter aromatherapy essential oils. Artemisia Pallens is the latin name for Davana oils. Anethum Graveolens is the latin name for Dilly Weed oils.

Now wait a minute, let's analyse a little bit of aromatherapy history and origin. Aromatherapy was spotted in the beginning of the 20th century (early 1900s), yet history has it that the same oils have been in use in other lands. These lands use some of the oils for spiritual and healing purposes. In fact it was even used before Jesus Christ came to the earth. For instance, the Indians were using the oils as an oil for protection during war and in other activities. They believe that whoever wears the oil is protected from unseen spirit forces.

Other lands across the globe also have similar uses for this product. For instance the oils were used as a massage therapy, natural medicines and so forth. If you know about aromatherapy, you should know that it includes scented and essential oils. Login to the internet, you will discover a whole array of information on aromatherapy products. Using the right keywords will open your eyes to these details. One special thing about the oil is that the healing characteristics is the scents, aromas, and fragrances that radiates from these oils.

Most of the oils are used as mood setters for romance. Once used, it excites the mood, making it affectionate and thus it is ideal for couples to use in their honeymoon periods. This also brings back the romantic sparks in advanced marriages. Thus aromatherapy can find uses in areas of human psychology. Other uses of aromatherapy scented oils is in reduction of stress and its ability for enhancing relaxation.

Now going back to the common thing about aromatherapy oils - the latin titles. Aurantifolia Swingle is the latin name for Key Lime oils. This oil is from Mexico and it is used for making perfumes, soaps, and production of toiletries. Trigonella Foenum is the latin name for Fenugreek oils, an Indian plant used in the treatment of boils, coughing, indigestion, inflammatory problems, indigestion, and so on. It is also used by people with low blood pressures to help regulate their blood pressure.

I can continue telling you about aromatherapy products that all have their latin names but each of them come from different parts of the world. Is it not amusing to you. You can find out more about aromatherapy products by doing some research online, you too will find out this amusing truth.

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