Alternative Ways for Dealing With the Pain of Arthritis


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For many people suffering from arthritis the pain they feel can seem almost unbearable at times. However, there is good news for these people and many others who suffer from arthritis as there are lots of alternative ways of dealing with the pain they feel, it may either make them feel better or it may lessen the pain they feel, it could even make the pain disappear altogether. One way to try to avoid the pain they feel is by doing little as possible, but it would be better if they stay as active as possible and manage the pain they are feeling effectively.

In some cases it has been found the simplest remedies available are usually the best. In fact one of the most natural forms of pain relief that is readily available is heat. Heat helps the muscles to relax and this then helps to assist in alleviating the pain felt from the arthritis, but unfortunately this type of remedy is only temporary and once the heat is turned off or removed the pain felt will generally return within a few minutes of the treatment ceasing. But this can still be helpful as an alternative method of relieving the pain felt especially at a time when say you have already taken your prescribed dosage of medication and do not want to risk taking any more.

Another possible way of relieving the pain felt because of arthritis is massage therapy. A lot of the pain a patient feels is caused by stress and anxiety and an advantage of massage therapy is that makes the patient deeply relaxed and thus alleviates a lot of the tension and pain that they are feeling. Once a body becomes relaxed and looser and patient often feels their pain levels decreasing. But just like using heat this form of therapy only provides the patient with a temporary reprieve from the pain that they are feeling. Yet whilst the massage it taking place it can feel wonderful and it might be wise for those who suffer from foot or ankle arthritis to invest in a foot spa. Not only does this combine massage and heat, it has been found that it can help to reduce the pain that these people are feeling.

One of the other forms of alternative therapy available for dealing with arthritis pain is acupuncture (an ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine) which is designed to help relief pain. Although it can be used for many other medical conditions that people are suffering from such as chronic headaches, migraines etc and although it is not a certified form of pain relief many people have found it to be very effective in reducing the symptoms that they are suffering from. But people who suffer from acute pain should not use this form of therapy; especially for those who find that even if their skin is touched with little or no pressure is painful then they should definitely avoid this at all costs.

The only truly unfortunate thing for those suffering from arthritis at this time is that there is no cure. Although they have found various ways of dealing with the pain that they feel they no at some point that it will return. But as many have found a way of minimizing the pain that they feel they are finding that they are able to live a full and happy life and in some cases have been able to take part in an activity that they truly enjoy. Although traditional western medicines can be of great assistance to many sufferers of arthritis there is always the chance that they can over compensate with them. That is why more and more people are turning to alternative ways of dealing with the pain, even if it is only a temporary solution.

Kerris Samson a work from home mum now residing in Spain and who has spent a vast amount of researching the different ways for relieving pain. If you would like to know more please visit


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