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When it comes to flattening the tummy, diet, exercise and plastic surgery are not the only options available. Admittedly, dieting and exercising have more positive effects when trimming your tummy. Not only does proper dieting and exercise help reduce the waist size, they help you keep fit and healthy. But what if you come to a point when there is just that little bit more waistlines to lose but the tummy is just not responding to any form of diet or exercise. Then you go for a tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a major surgical procedure that aims to give you a tighter and flatter tummy. Some people just don’t want to go for surgery to achieve a flatter tummy because surgery is just too traumatizing. For them, there is a different kind of tummy tuck – the tummy tuck jeans.

The tummy tuck jeans are designed to hide your abdominal flaws and let you enjoy a trim waistline while you are wearing it. Tummy tuck jeans are not the usual low rider type jeans that hang on your waist and are murder to get into if your figure has expanded a bit. Tummy tuck jeans acknowledge your curves and accommodate them. The stretchy denim has some lycra woven into it that helps your legs and butt settle into the jeans. Weaving lycra into jeans is nothing new but the tummy tuck jeans is design to lift your butt and flatten your tummy.

The popular choice when it comes to tummy tuck jeans is from “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans" where they promise to “lift your buttocks and allow you to wear a size smaller". They do really work and some people even get away with wearing two sizes smaller than what they normally could. The “flatten your buttocks" part comes with mixed results. Most people will get the lift effect but because of the stretchy nature of the jeans, other people end up with flatter than usual buttocks. But with tummies looking as flat as a pancake in the tummy tuck jeans, people tend to overlook the flatter buttocks outcome.

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What Is A Tummy Tuck and Why Do I Need It?
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