Methods of Treating Acid Reflux


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Acid reflux is a quite common illness that causes the gastric acids and sometimes the food inside the stomach to get into the esophagus because the valve that separates the two organs is not functioning properly. The acids inside the stomach are very strong, as strong as the acids from a car battery, so if they get into the esophagus they can seriously damage it. The stomach is protected against the acids inside it but the esophagus is not.

Many people are diagnosed with acid reflux yearly, and they can choose from many types of treatments, depending on their diet and lifestyle.

The simplest treatment method is a slight change in the lifestyle and eating habits. The first thing that you should do is to always have the last meal of the day a few hours before going to bed. It's more likely that acid reflux occurs while you are lying down because it's easier for the stomach's contents to reflux due to the position of the body. You can also prevent reflux by elevating the side of the bed on which your head lies. This should be done by all people that suffer from acid reflux.

A change in the diet is also recommended, because there are certain types of food that can encourage acid reflux. Among these there is chewing gum, chocolate and fatty foods. Tobacco smoke can irritate the esophagus's walls and increase the damage that the acid does so smoking should be ceased.

There also are many medications that can help treat acid reflux, like antiacids and special drugs that can prevent reflux and reduce the quantity of acid inside the stomach.

The last resort is the illness advanced too much or if it anything else fails is surgery. The doctors tighten the valve between the stomach and the esophagus in order to prevent reflux. Surgery is very efficient and many of the patients operated are completely cured after it is done. Sometimes you must take the prescribed drugs after the surgical intervention too. Acid reflux surgery is not done too often, only in severe cases or if the patient requires it.

Try to treat your acid reflux soon, before the heartburn and other symptoms become really annoying. The sooner you start the treatment, the easier it will be to cure the illness.

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Acid Reflux Relief and Things to Do to Avoid Acid Reflux
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