What is the USFDA's Definition of "Colloidal Silver" and Why are They Concerned About Its Usage?


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The FDA has been defining colloidal silver products to be dangerous for skin. Silver has a broad spectrum and can be used widely as an antibiotic and not only this it is a highly effective one. Each time it is used it shows same effectiveness because the microorganism cannot produce resistance to silver by either mutation or natural selection processes. Silver can be helpful in removing strains of bacteria that have become resistant to drugs, in hospitals. It is also evident that people using silver for curing flu, dysentery and many diseases achieve their goal easily. I myself have experienced its use and have seen how it works wonders.

On the other hand, FDA seems to have wrong knowledge about the supplement and has been using the scare factors to keep the people away from colloidal silver and keep the antibiotic market green. They say you will turn silver if you use any colloidal silver and the discoloration is sudden. Their “talk paper” that can be found here http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/ANSWERS/ANS00971.html also claims that gelatinous colloidal silvers have resulted in Argyria. Research concludes that indeed colloidal silver produced in gelatinous base and other silver salts such as normal, mild or strong silver protein, silver iodine, silver nitrate or silver chloride cause Argyria but the point is that only those colloidal silver products that are gelatinous. Another thing to note here is that the concentration of silver particles and silver ions is very high in these products but when we talk about right colloidal supplements that contain only hundred parts per million in a water solution then all these claims of FDA are completely nonsense. It is by no way possible that this small amount of silver can discolor the largest body organ that is skin.

Anything other than gelatinous based colloidal silver doesn’t cause any skin problem and this is exactly why Utopia Silver only sells the supplement that has 100 parts per million in a water solution. The advanced colloidal silver contains silver particles that are finely divided and dispersed through out a continuous de ionized water solution which prevents silver from rapid settlement or excretion. If you visit the FDA page above you will see that they have defined colloidal silver as a supplement that contains silver in gelatinous or colloidal base. Our products don’t contain any chlorides, iodides, nitrates, proteins or gelatins which make them completely safe for human consumption. Why? Because they are just trace mineral and distilled water.

Even with FDA scaring people away, the colloidal silver products keep on selling. People are also aware that FDA cannot prove any dangers associated with the correctly manufactured colloidal silver supplement such as sold at utopia silver. FDA just found some people who were working in photography where silver is used in the picture developing chemicals. The silver used in those solutions is 300,000 not 100 particles per million. This is an extremely high concentration of silver and the people working in photographic industry had there arms dipped in such solutions. They should get a discoloration of skin and they did. People who use only 100 parts per million solutions are completely safe and will not get any discoloration like those photographers did. If FDA thinks that 100 parts per million solution can make you silver then they should get one single person who has been using such a supplement and turned silver.

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