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Chinese Medicine and the concepts of Yin and Yang can be an excellent way to understand fertility. In Chinese Medicine, Yang is masculine and Yin is feminine. It requires the right balance of Yin and Yang to foster your fertility.

Yin and Yang can be used to describe many things in our world. Here are some other examples of Yin and Yang:

Yang >>> Yin

Giving >>> Receiving

Daytime >>> Nighttime

Light >>> Darkness

Movement >>> Stillness

Activity >>> Rest

Sun >>> Moon

Time >>> Space

Brightness >>> Shade

Heaven >>> Earth

Father >>> Mother

Conscious >>> Subconscious

Gold >>> Silver

Thoughts as Action >>> Thoughts as Creativity

Yin is blood, egg quality, essence, and nourishment to foster a new life. Yang is smooth flow of Chi, warmth in the womb, and energy to foster new life. Yin nourishes Yang’s flow, and Yang in turn carries Yin (nourishment) throughout the body. Yin is the capacity to receive. To receive sperm and nourish the growth of an embryo is predominantly a Yin function. To make choices that are nourishing to oneself is a function of Yin.

Being is Yin, Doing is Yang

In our culture, we are highly focused on productivity. I don’t judge productivity as bad. Chinese Medicine sees productivity without rejuvenation as incomplete balance and therefore, less than optimal. I notice that when we are overly focused on productivity and “doing, ” we can lose balance. Losing balance is what is not optimal, particularly when it comes to fertility success!

Women who are working hard in a world focused on doing and productivity are putting forth a lot of Yang energy. Since Yang takes its nourishment from Yin, if we don’t pay attention to nourishing our own Yin, then it’s only a matter of time before our Yin energy is exhausted, and we slip out of balance.

Another thing I’ve observed is that women who struggle with fertility begin feeling like they are “less of a woman” because they can’t conceive. This directly sabotages fertility because this is the kind of belief that depletes Yin energy. Feeding the belief that you are less of a woman becomes an energy loop that does not support feminine wholeness, expression, and fertility. If you’ve given energy to these kinds of beliefs, you must find ways to stop this if you want fertility success. .

When we are depleted of Yin energy, fertility tends to suffer. When we continue to overwork our Yang energy without proper nourishment of Yin, then Yang becomes depleted, which also tends to cause fertility to suffer.

I’m sure you’re getting the point here: Fertility success requires that you balance “doing” with “being. ” You must cultivate ways of nourishing yourself by finding ways of being in touch with, and honoring your femininity. You must balance what you do—activity—with being receptive and feminine—rest. This is absolutely crucial in fostering health, balance, and fertility.

I urge you, then, every day, to identify at least three ways that you will nourish yourself. For example, you might commit to taking 10 minutes at lunch and just sit quietly under a tree. Or you might choose to take 60 seconds every hour just to breathe deeply and remind yourself that every day you are getting better and better.

Some days you might have extra time to dedicate to self-nourishment, and other days you might need to be creative and nourish yourself with less time. The key is to spend some time every day focusing on cultivating receptivity, nourishment, and being-ness. Begin a list of things that you sense nourish you, or that you would like to try so you can find out if they do nourish you. Start a “Things That Nourish Me” list in your journal, and continue to add to it as you discover new ways. This way you not only will have instant access to these ideas when you need them, but you will also be building your Yin and bringing it more into balance with your Yang.

Laurie Morse, L. Ac. , the author of the e-book “7 Strategies to Fertility Success , ” helps women turn their fertility switch on. Laurie is the director of Holistic Health Services in San Diego, CA. For more info go to


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