Prevention of Diabetes


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Type 2 diabetes can affect anyone who is overweight, has a poor diet, and a family history of diabetes. For many, there are ways to help delay the effects of diabetes through diet, exercise, and having regular check ups with a doctor to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol. Taking care of oneself before the onset of diabetes will make living with the disease much easier later on in life.

There are many changes people will have to make in order to live a healthy life. Though this may be difficult at first, the rewards later on will be plenty. Living a healthy lifestyle will make a person happier in their life, give them more energy during the day, and will prepare the body for illness and other complications down the road. No one likes to think about aging, but being prepared allows a person to live a full life.

If one is overweight, exercising thirty minutes a day and eating a healthy diet will cause the weight to decrease over time. This is the first step when making lifestyle changes. By losing weight, one will also lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This will also delay the onset of diabetes. The earlier a person can begin their new diet and exercise plan, the better off they will be.

After the age of 45, one should be tested for diabetes. This does not mean, however, that a person should not practice good eating habits before then. Prevention is about taking measures to deter the disease for as long as possible.

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