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Are you a person who becomes very alarmed at the first sign of acne? If so, it would probably be safe to say that you must be within the tender ages of 13 to 19. Acne can be a nightmare for a teenagers life. So if you are in that age group, it would also probably be safe to say that you have tried your share of acne products.

Treating and even removing acne can be done in a variety of ways. A wide selection of different acne products are readily available at convenience stores, skin care centers, and drug stores. Here is a list of some common acne products you will mostly likely find there:

1. Acne Treatment Gels - These products come in a gel-like form, usually packaged in a tube, and are applied directly to the skin with the use of the fingers, just near, or even directly on the acne area. These products fight bacteria, unclog the pores, and control the skin oil.

2. Acne Astringent Medication - Much like the treatment gel, an acne astringent is used to fight bacteria-causing acne. The main difference from the gel is that this product comes in a pure liquid form, and is applied on the skin with the use of a cotton ball. A few drops of it will do, and it is usually used overnight.

3. Acne Treatment Mask - This is a special facial mask used by many people to help get rid of acne. It is applied to the skin of the face, and is left to dry for approximately 15 minutes. After drying, the treatment mask is rinsed off with water. Caution! This method requires a little care, and any teenager who would like to use this method must be careful not to put it too near the eyes.

4. Acne Treatment Soap Bar - Some acne treatment products come in the form of soap. They are used as you would normally use a regular facial soap. An acne treatment soap bar is specifically made for that purpose. This product can be used either during the day, or during the evening.

5. Acne-Treating Moisturizer - Moisturizers can also be used effectively as an acne fighter. These special moisturizers can be successfully combined with other effective acne medicine ingredients. This combination helps to produce an acne-free face even as you moisturize. This product comes in a lotion form, and is applied to the entire face.

6. Acne Treatment Foam - This is another acne product much like the above listed gels, astringent, and soap. It usually comes packaged in a tube, with its content subjected to some pressure resulting in a foam consistency when released. It is also applied to the face, and then rinsed off.

7. The Acne Skin Care System - There are a number of companies who release a special set of acne products with the sole intention of clearing the face of acne. This type of multi-product line could include one, or all of the products described above. Some have special formulations and solutions that are known only to the manufacturer.

Skin care experts are constantly creating new ways to fight acne. It won't be long, (to a teenager, it can't come soon enough) before treating acne will be as natural and as simple as well, brushing your teeth.

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Acne Skin Care Product Guide - Making the Most of Your Acne Products
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