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Acne is a problem that affects millions of Americans, as well as affecting millions more outside of the United States. Those affected are people of all ages. Potentially, any person in the whole world may be affected. Why is this problem so worrisome? The effects of acne are two pronged. The presence of acne can make a person feel as though their face is unsightly. In fact, severe acne can cause scarring, and may leave permanent marks on the face that could last a lifetime. Secondly, it usually causes low self-esteem, and minor psychological problems which, when not addressed properly, could lead to major ones. This disease affects the skin, most notably on the face (but also on other parts of the body like the back and shoulder areas). The effects are more than skin deep, and call for effective acne treatment.

Acne is a frustrating reality of life. Chances are most of us have had to deal with this problem at one time or another. Acne directly affects the skin oil glands, and shows itself in various ways – whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts (the worst). The largest group affected are teenagers up until their early 20s. Acne can also affect adults, although to a somewhat lesser degree. People (especially, young people) are sometimes overly obsessed and will go to great lengths when trying to get rid of acne. They don't always realize that the wrong acne treatment approach may only make matters worse. Choosing the right acne treatment takes knowledge, discipline, and the proper medications to make the choice effective.

Here are some easy tips to help with the treatment of acne, as well as to help with acne prevention.

* Gently clean your skin using a mild facial wash, or skin cleanser. Scrubbing too vigorously and/or using a skin cleanser that might be too strong, may only worsen the problem.

* Avoid touching the acne-filled areas, especially if they are near your nose and you lips. These areas around the nose and lips are very sensitive, and if you touch or try to manually remove(squeeze)any pimples in this area, chances are you will leave a scar, or even worse, a permanent dark mark. As a general rule, try to resist touching a pimple, period.

* For women, or anyone using facial makeup, be sure to choose these products carefully. Make sure that the makeup you use is oil free. If not, you will be adding to the problem. This is not a form of acne treatment; rather, it is a method of prevention.

* Know your environment. Air pollution, and areas of high humidity can contribute to pimple growth. If you feel that you have acne waiting to break out, it would be best to avoid these types of areas.

Aside from these easy-to-do treatments, and prevention measures, there are more direct ways to deal with acne. One is the use of topical creams. There are over-the-counter topical products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, a solution that can be very effective when dealing with acne. There is a new innovation in the topical market called Proactiv Solution, which is said to be the best topical acne treatment medicine available. There are many others available. Consult with a dermatologist to get the best answers to your questions regarding any acne treatment method.

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Acne Natural Treatment- 5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Acne
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