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How To Eat Right With Phentermine

Here's a summary of five great tips you can use, and you're not alone in this. . . remember if you need anything, come join us at for support.

1. Because Phentermine takes away your hunger and cravings, you can decrease your calorie intake by eating more plant foods and lean meats; and eating meals in smaller proportions.

2. Make a grocery list and pick out healthy ingredients for your own meals, especially if your family doesn't eat healthily.

3. Eat crisp, fresh and colorful vegetables; and lean proteins like fish and sliced turkey, trying to balance each meal out so you have say. . .

a. 30% unsaturated fat

b. 30% protein

c. 40% carbohydrates

4. Limit how much you eat (but DO NOT come close to starving yourself). Think of your body as a machine that only runs correctly if you put the right balance and quantity of nutrients in it.

When we take Phentermine, it can be hard to eat more than a piece of toast and a meal shake in one day. Because Phentermine stops you from feeling hungry at all, you have no desire to eat, and sometimes foods can even seem gross. Do not view this as a good thing, though. To lose weight permanently, you'll have to fight to eat!

Now your priority will be to make sure you eat often enough to keep your body healthy and keep your metabolism high. If you don't eat enough, you will sabotage your weight loss because as soon as you stop taking Phentermine and begin to eat more food again, you'll gain a bunch of weight back because your body is in starvation mode. In starvation mode, your metabolism is very low, and your body will automatically store most of your calories as fat.

So remember, the more meals, the higher the metabolism. Try not to let your body go hungry. You should eat around 4-5 times a day - not large meals but medium sized meals and a couple of snacks. Three square meals are just too much of a rollercoaster ride for the body. Carbohydrates are most important to eat in the morning and need you'll need to eat less and less carbs up to bedtime.

Also, don't worry about eating before bed. Your body needs a certain number of calories which can be computed online and if your body has not met that number for the day, then you are still fine.

What's a good meal?

You should be eating anything from a turkey sandwich on whole grain with an apple and walnuts to a grilled chicken salad with different kinds of lettuce or vegetables in the mix. Meals like that are great ways to teach your body to love proper nutrition.

So every 3-4 hours you'll be eating a good, lean source of protein with some complex carbohydrates.

Ian Robertson, CPT is a certified personal trainer with over 5 years of experience in weight loss and fitness. As the official personal trainer and weight loss expert at, he helps members lose weight faster and keep it off. PhenForum is the only support group on the internet that offers a Weight Loss Program specially for Phentermine users. It's all about losing the weight, AND keeping it off forever instead of suffering from rebound weight gain. No more yo-yo-ing.


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