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A virus (Latin, poison) is a microscopic particle that can infect the cells of a biological organism. At the most basic level, viruses consist of genetic material contained within a protective protein shell called a capsid; the existence of both genetic material and protein distinguishes them from other virus-like particles such as prions and viroids.

They infect a wide variety of organisms: both eukaryotes (animals, fungi and plants) and prokaryotes (bacteria). A virus that infects bacteria is known as a bacteriophage, often shortened to phage. The study of viruses is known as virology. A virologist studies viruses.

Viruses are the most dangerous threat to world health today, and colostrum is one of the few substances that can stop them from progressing in the body. Colds, flu, herpes and AIDS are caused by viruses, and there is no known cure for any of them yet. Dr Asimov, , author of hundreds of science and science fiction books, had this to say some yeas ago at The World Congress on the Virus in San Diego: “It is still possible for viruses to kill millions, ten of millions, maybe hundreds of millions every year. " Viruses mutate, so it is almost impossible to develop a drug that can also control the new forms a virus may take.

In the last few years, colostrum and a number of its individual components have been seriously studied for their effects against a variety of viral diseases. As with the bacteria pathogens, colostrum's ability to help with viral infections is more likely due to immune support and the combination of substances than to any specific antibody reaction.

Colostrum anti-viral properties include:

-Lactoferrin, an iron binding protein with antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is currently being studied for its effects against the HIV virus, herpes, and even cancer.

- Cytokines, which regulate the intensity of the immune response. They are known to boost the production of antibodies important in fighting viral infections.

- Leukocytes, the white blood cells that engulf invading organisms, including viruses.

Antibiotics, the so-called miracle drugs used to combat so many bacteria illnesses, can't harm a single known virus. Most virus-caused diseases can only be treated for their symptoms. How does our body's natural immune system kill them? We find that antibodies made from immunoglobulins, can destroy them. I want to point out that only antibodies, tailor-made to match any virus, can keep up with the viruses’ tendency to mutate.

FYI Colostrum vs AIDS

The best example of immunodeficiency is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. Individuals with AIDS have such a suppressed immune response that a cold or flu can be devastating. What often happens with AIDs patients is that they are left vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections that settle in the bowel, thereby causing diarrhea. A 1992 study with immune-deficient patients experiencing chronic diarrhea due to viral infections showed that 72 percent experienced stool normalization after 10 days of treatment with concentrated bovine colostral immunoglobulins. Other studies have shown similar results. For people suffering from immune suppression and immunodeficient patients, colostrum can be very helpful, perhaps even lifesaving.

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Plettenberg, A;et al. “A preparation from bovine colostrum in the treatment of HIV-positive patients with chronic diarrhea. " Clin Investing Jan; 71(1):42-5. 1993.

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