Telltale Signs! Would You Recognize Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression?

Athlyn Green

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When it comes to telltale signs symptoms of depression can be hard to pin down. You may wonder, am I just suffering from the blues or do I have a medical condition I should take seriously?

The signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression can overtake someone like waves on a storm tossed sea. If you feel that you are swimming against the tide, if worry, confusion, and hopelessness are getting the best of you, this may be a warning that it is time to take stock of your emotional health.

Situations in life can sometimes make us feel sad or depressed; however there are relevant warning signs symptoms of depression that differ, by enduring for longer periods of time. Unlike the blues, depression is not something you can just snap out of; it is not a sign of personal weakness or a failure to bear up under the pressures of life. Depression afflicts millions of sufferers and can wreak havoc on daily living.

Anxiety may reach a point where constant worry or obsessional thoughts can be difficult to control. Shakiness, sweating, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath—all of these can be signs of this disorder. Signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression can “share the same house, " so to speak, with additional symptoms thrown into the mix: muscle tension, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, irritability, sleep disturbances, appetite changes, headaches, no energy, fatigue or exhaustion, feeling sad, loss of interest in activities formerly enjoyed, restlessness, or suicidal thoughts.

Thankfully, research has shed light on the human brain and the way it functions—and, more importantly, the way it malfunctions. Nutrient deficiencies in the brain and nervous system can play a role in anxiety and depression for many sufferers. Treatments will act to correct neurotransmitter malfunctioning and should be undertaken when telltale signs, symptoms of depression are experienced.

Conventional treatments utilize medication and psychotherapy, and these may prove helpful. Alternative therapies may include natural remedies, supplements that contain ingredients that work to restore mood and emotional energy. Signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression can be successfully treated using conventional or alternative treatments.

Natural remedies are becoming popular, using safe and effective ingredients that can promote mental clarity and concentration, that work to improve cognitive performance, help in alleviating restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia, and in restoring serenity and in treating depression. Effective ingredients include: ginkgo biloba, green tea, chamomile, valerian, and B6. These may be combined with additional vitamins, minerals, and co-factors, amino acids and enzymes, herbal extracts, and specialty supplements, and can be used to alleviate depression and its troubling signs and symptoms.

If you have recognized the telltale signs of anxiety and depression, remember, these can be successfully treated. Help is available. Modern treatment options offer hope and safe and effective relief for symptoms of anxiety and depression .

Athlyn Green is an avid health enthusiast with an interest in natural remedies for treatment of health disorders. She is a regular contributor to several health sites, including Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression , a site dedicated to treating depression safely and effectively.


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