Why to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey


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There are many pills, patches, and gums out there that say that they will help you quit smoking. In reality, all they are doing is replacing the nicotine in cigarettes with a smaller, steadier stream than what you get from cigarettes.

While this can be an effective method for some, it also makes it much more likely that you will start smoking again. These pills and patches are simply a crutch. They do not get rid of the problem, they replace the problem. They make you think that they are the reason that you are successful in quitting smoking. But what do you when it is time to give up the patch?

Eighty percent of people who try to quit smoking fail. This is because they do not actually believe that they can quit. They think that they need a magic pill or patch that will fix their problem. This is simply not true. My husband’s favorite quote is “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. There is a world of truth in that simple little saying.

The mind is a powerful tool and it is time for you to use it, be in the 20% of people who succeed! For once, don’t be one of the majorities. Use these guidelines and become one of the 20% who succeed! Do this for you, become a happier, healthier person who also happens to have a little more money in their pocket at the end of the week.

The best way to quit smoking is cold turkey. You may think that it is impossible, or too hard, but it is not. You can do it, if you decide that you want to. The first step in quitting smoking, is believing that you can.

Start out and make a list of all of the reasons why you smoke. After seeing these reasons, decide if they are worth continuing a habit that will shorten your life. Next, right down which situations make you want to smoke. By identifying the triggers that make you want to smoke you can try your best to avoid them. If you cannot avoid them, at least you can prepare for how you are going to overcome them.

Quitting smoking is a big deal and you should not expect yourself to do it alone. Tell everyone that you know that you are quitting smoking and that you would like their help. If you hang out with a lot of people that smoke, ask them to try and not smoke around you. If they don’t respect your decision to quit, then you may have to avoid hanging out with them until you have built up a higher resistance to the temptation.

While you are quitting smoking it will be very important that you take care of yourself. Most people smoke as a form of relaxation or to de-stress. During this time it will be very important that you give yourself some kind of physical relaxation. Go for a walk, ride, or swim each night. This will help you to relieve the tension of the day and make you less likely to reach for a cigarette.

It will also be important to get rid of anything that makes you think about smoking, or want to smoke. Be ruthless and get it out of your life. Chances are, that if it is making you want to smoke, it is not worth having.

Also make sure that you reward yourself. You should be proud of yourself for taking such a big step in improving your life. Reward yourself with little treats at first and then for a big treat after you have reached a long term goal.

Quitting smoking is a big deal and it is not easy, but it is something that you can do. Don’t ever give up! If you do slip up, figure out what it is that caused you to weaken, and then decide how you are going to resist it in the future. The urge to smoke will be intense at first. But, it will get less intense, less frequent, and eventually go away.

Remember “if you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”. So, decide that you can and will quit smoking and you are guaranteed to be in that 20%! For people that are serious and want to quit smoking naturally visit http://www.we-review-for-you.com/rquitsmokingnow.html

Brad and Jen McCleary both take pride in assisting people to reach their goals. They are experts in the field of health and fitness, but they use their success training in all branches of life to help people succeed. You can read their other articles or visit their website at http://www.we-review-for-you.com/ you can find more information to help you stop smoking, or information on achieving any other goals you may have

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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey - Why It Makes Sense
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