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Obesity can be treated by dieting and exercise programs, or by the use of drugs and surgery. The best way to figure out which one is best for you is to consult a doctor who will have a good idea of what type of diet or weight loss program will best suit your specific condition. A qualified doctor’s prescription is much safer and effective than what you usually find in diet magazines. As an added advantage, you can have your condition monitored by the doctor who can take you off of treatments that do not seem to be working. If your obesity is the result of hormone imbalance, an endocrinologist’s advice is called for.

Simultaneous exercise with dieting often works well. Here also, it is better to consult your doctor to learn which forms of exercise may be more useful for you. But be sure that you can handle the exercise you have been recommended to do. If overeating is your problem, try to resist the temptation by following suitable methods and say ‘no’ to food when necessary. Consult a psychiatrist if your eating problems are more psychological than physical.

Drugs for weight loss fall into several categories; appetite-changing drugs like Sibutramine, metabolism-changing drugs like Orlistat, and energy-boosting drugs like Ephedrine. A doctor must be consulted before you use any of them because they might produce serious side-effects if taken arbitrarily.

Two types of surgery have been recommended to treat people having severe obesity. The first one is gastroplasty, which surgically reduces the size of the stomach and gastric bypass surgery that creates a small stomach pouch and connects this pouch to the second portion of the intestines. Liposuction is no more than just a cosmetic method that removes fat cells at certain points of the body.

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Obesity-Obese People Carry Enough of An Overweight Burden, We Don't Need ..
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