Bifocals And Computers Don't Mix

Linda Meckler

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Do you wear bifocals? Do you find when trying to use your computer it is hard to see the screen? Do you have to make head/neck adjusts? Have you ever thought about trying computer/reading glasses? If you answered yes, read on.

When you finally graduate into bifocals now is the time the fun starts. If you have the line that separates your bifocals from your distance vision; it is a hard adjustment to make. If you have the blended glasses it is a much easier transformation. Either way you will definitely have to reorient yourself when walking or reading.

When you use your computer and you have the blended/or line bifocals it is a huge adjustment for your eyes. You will sit in front on the computer screen moving your head up, down and sideways trying to see out of the small area designated for reading.

If you wear <1> make my words bold computer/reading glasses it is a much easier transformation. When you sit at the computer you do not have to make adjustments to your head and neck in order to see the screen. You can just sit down and start typing or reading.

With computer/reading glasses if you like to lie down and read this is possible. When you have computer/reading glasses they can be tinted to relieve computer glare. Your eyes will love you.

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