Vitamin Supplement for the Atkins Diet


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Do you believe that an effective diet would purposefully keep us from eating foods rich in the nutrients and vitamins? NO!!! Although Dr. Atkins promoted his diet, he promoted vitamin supplement for the Atkins diet also.

At present we are in a position to brand vitamin supplement for the Atkins diet to replace those very nutrients. Chemical analysis of Atkins diet confirms that daily values for some of the vitamins and minerals are not up to the mark. But some of the daily values are even 400% in the Atkins diet. For example, Atkins diets analysis during induction period provides 37% of calcium but with 86% of the iron during the same period.

Once you include vitamin supplement for the Atkins diet, the lacunae have been filled up correctly. You ought to consume one of those delicious Atkins bars to fulfill your daily requirements of calcium, as the calcium is not present in the tablets also.

It is really amazing to note that you would be getting over 400% of the daily values for vitaminC during maintanence stage of the diet, but only 33% during the induction period. To whom we would blame for this deficit? Hence vitamin supplement for Atkins diet satisfies this needs.

It is really difficult to prepare a list of normal foods to be included in our diet to get enough RDA of minerals and vitamins for public use. Do you think eating a balanced diet is eyewash? You may ask -Why do we have to go to such ill-advised extremes? It is really doubtful about a diet which bears that it includes necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. More over it is not advisable to ask our people not to take the diet that holds the minerals and vitamins they need and also ask them to procure vitamin supplements for the Atkins diet separately.

If you have chosen these diets for your life style, then you need to include a vitamin supplement for the Akins diet. Still, I am willing to bet that you aren’t receiving all the minerals and vitamins you need on a daily basis. For example, protein and cholesterol are far too much to present in the Atkins diet. Balanced diet is the real key for any diet. As bottom line, we can conclude that unless your medical condition forces to prevent the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, you’re not likely to need supplements. Hence please consult your physicians before taking a vitamin supplement for the Atkins Diet or any other diet.

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