Simple Living Guide: An Essential Ingredient of Healthy Dieting

Daria Perse

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It happens to be quite overwhelming nowadays to choose the right diet for ourselves when we start to feel like we need one. There are so many offers out there (diets are obviously a big business) that one can easily feel confused and lost among the loads of information bombarding us via all sorts of media’s advertising.

This writing is not a dieting tip and does not recommend a new (or tested) dieting program. I am not here to persuade you how a certain dieting food works great for weight loss dieting, in case of weight-gain caused by hormonal imbalance or even explain what a healthy dieting is.

Personally, I prefer natural methods and natural foods (my ideal is to grow and eat my own home-grown fruits and veggies). But even in the area of more holistically-oriented pursuits, there are different trends, healing methods and philosophies. Luckily, the natural methods don’t differ that much and have some basic principles in common.

My gut’s feeling tells me that we should learn from the famous physicians and researchers, their studies and experiences with the patients. But at the same time, whatever diet or detox program we decide on, it’s best when customized for us and especially - is user-friendly.

Whenever we introduce some drastic changes to our eating habits that better be done under the professional’s supervision. The step-by-step changes like staying away from sugar, alcohol or cigarettes (one at the time) are safe to try on your own. However, any support you can get in breaking these kinds of addictions might greatly improve your chances for success.

So, no matter what kind of diet and nutrition you choose for yourself, there’s one essential ingredient of every healthy dieting and applies to any kind of dieting: Always listen to your body.

Since there is no such thing as universal cure or universal diet, the smart choice would be to use your body as a guide. According to Deepak Chopra, M. D. the Eskimos get rotten teeth, hardening of the arteries and bad tempers if you give them fruits and vegetables (considered the healthiest foods in western societies).

Your body is your best friend, teacher and guide. It keeps "talking" to us using the variety of sensations. It keeps teaching us what’s good for us - if only we would listen… Nevertheless, there is one simple, two-step way to start listening (and act accordingly) again:

1. Simply pay attention to how you feel an hour or two after eating a certain food.

2. Observe how you feel in the morning when on a new diet.

Paying attention, listening and observing to what our body is communicating to us is the most reliable way to avoid the dangers of dieting whether you adopt the blood type diet, famous "Shore" one, "Jessica’s" or any other. The one rule to follow in decision-making is: select the diet program that is tolerable in your current situation, lifestyle and wellness.

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