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Before discussing the correction of astigmatism, it's important to understand what it is and how it causes blurry vision.

Astigmatism is caused by the irregular shape of an eye cornea or lens. Rather than a round cornea or lens of a healthy eye, someone suffering from astigmatism has an oblong one. This problem can be attributed to a number of factors, but most often it is an inherited trait and cannot be prevented. In other words, look at your mother and father. If they both have astigmatism, it's likely you and your children will also face the same vision problems.

There are three common corrections for astigmatism: eyeglasses, contact lens, or refractive surgery.

Eyeglasses In most cases, people suffering from this problem will find that eyeglasses will correct the problem without the side effects normally related to contact lens.

Toric Contact Lenses Since stigmatism requires toric lenses, a special type of contacts that make it necessary for the lenses to float free in the eye to adjust for the curvature of the cornea, dry eyes can be more than just irritating. It can lead to mind-numbing headaches. For this reason, many astigmatic people forego contact lenses as a means of correction. Keep in mind as well that toric contact lenses are typically more expensive than the average pair of contacts.

Refractive Surgery That leaves refractive surgery as the last option for astigmatism correction. Refractive surgery is usually recommended only for individuals suffering from mild to medium stigmatism. Unfortunately, not only is this type of surgery too expense for many to afford, if precise measurements are not taken, the surgeon makes an error and over corrects, or the instruments are not calibrated properly, the results can create a far more serious problem.

While astigmatism may be an inconvenience and wearing glasses seems like an insult to your vanity, don't forget that taking care of your eyesight is vital. Schedule regular optometrist visits and follow the advice given. Some people with astigmatism need only wear corrective lenses when reading, while others must wear them all the time. Also check with your optometrist about exercises you can do to keep your eyes strong.

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