Exercise Guidelines For Your Treadmill Workout


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Your treadmill workout can put you in the fast track to losing weight. As with all exercises, however, you need to know the proper steps to take to be able to get the maximum benefit. Even something as simple as walking or jogging on your treadmill has some technical aspects that you should consider.

Since you will be primarily using your feet in a treadmill exercise, it is important that you learn how to walk properly. To get the most out of your walking exercises, you have to observe the following: 1) the way your feet touch the ground, 2) how you swing your arms, and 3) how your torso moves.

Your feet are the most important component of your treadmill exercise. As you put your foot forward and your heel strikes the ground, raise your toes and roll forward onto the outside of your foot, while still keeping your entire shoe sole on the ground. As your foot passes under your body, straighten up your knee and push down on the ground with the ball of your foot, sustaining the same amount of pressure until your toes leave the ground.

Keep your arms at your sides and let them swing in the same direction as your legs and torso. As you increase your speed, bend your arms at a right angle and swing them faster, keeping in pace with your legs.

As for your torso, remember to walk from your waist. Your hips should be able to move naturally with the movement of your legs. Keep your shoulders relaxed and facing forward. This will allow for more harmonious movements as you walk on your treadmill.

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Exercise and Fitness on a Treadmill
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