Electric Toothbrush Applications


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Electric Toothbrushes can help to motivate a person to brush as we see that really bad brushers do not have enough motivation to brush well. But with an electric Tooth brush he will brush longer, more frequently, or both. A person might take a greater interest in brushing because they see evidence that their Electric toothbrush is cleaning their teeth much more effectively than when they brush with a manual Toothbrush.

An electric Toothbrush can be an effective aid in the fight against Gum disease. The use of an electric toothbrush, either high-end rotary or sonic, has been shown to improve the oral health of those persons who have periodontal disease, and the use of the Electrical tooth brush has made much improvements to their disease conditions.

It should be noted that the gingivitis causing bacteria live in the gaps between the teeth and the gums. Using an electric tooth brush at higher speeds these will be flushed out thereby giving more opportunities to improvements in the Dental diseases.

Electric toothbrushes can help to remove or minimize tooth staining. Using of electric toothbrushes minimizes tooth staining. Nowadays everybody wants to have white teeth. But it must be noted that the color of your teeth is determined by the intrinsic color of your teeth and the extrinsic staining of the teeth.

The scrubbing effect of an electric toothbrush, over time and with continued use, can dislodge some or possibly even all of the surface stain found on a tooth and therefore have a whitening effect. In order to have better results your electric toothbrush must be allowed to scrub for a few extra seconds each time you brush in those areas where staining tends to accumulate.

The extrinsic staining or the “surface stain. " also determines the coloration of your teeth and you can find that this type of discoloration has been removed after you have had a professional dental cleaning. Extrinsic staining lies on the surface of a tooth.

You may find that in some areas the staining that has formed is too heavy or tenacious to be completely removed by your electric toothbrush and can only be removed by having a professional dental cleaning. The abrasive effect of the dentist's or hygienist's hand tools and cleaning pastes can scrub this surface stain off.

However, once removed it would be expected that the use of an electric toothbrush would be able to eliminate or at least significantly minimize the gradual return of staining to these areas.

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