Does The PPM Of Colloidal Silver Really Matter?


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Colloidal silver products present in the market can be compared for effectiveness by finding out how much smaller the silver particle size is. The reason is that smaller the particle size and bigger their number, the surface area becomes much greater and the silver particles can come in contact with the single cell-organisms more easily. This makes colloidal silver more effective. To enhance the definition lets have a simple example. Take a silver dollar of US currency. It has almost 26.96 grams of silver. Its surface area is 27.70 sq-cm and has a diameter of 40mm. Now if we take the same amount of coin silver and divide it into many parts of very small size such as of 1 nanometer diameter, then the combined surface area of all the particles formed is 11,400sq-m. This is almost equal to 2.817 acres. You see that a single coin has a very small surface area whereas the same coin divided into small particles and distributed evenly has a very large surface.

The high ppm products available in the market contain silver particles that have large particles suspended in gelatinous base. When such supplements are taken, it is collected under skin or in the tissues and sometimes eliminated from the body without any utilization. When silver particles are of larger sizes, only then high ppm is required.

Truthfully, silver in any particle size can affect the micro organisms. We have seen this from history that silver pots were used to preserve food and water, and even wearing silver jewelry get silver particles absorbed in through skin. However, silver particles effectiveness against micro organisms is much more enhanced if the particle size is very small comparable to cell size. The smaller the size of the particles the better is the flow of silver through blood fluid and it can reach all parts of the body easily. The effective size, generally, that can easily travel and come in contact with the germs range from 2-10 nanometers.

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