Make Time For A Weight Loss Program

Raymond Burton

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Question: How do I make time for a weight loss program when my life is so busy?

Answer: We can make time for anything that is a priority. If you are late for work and are running around the house trying to find your keys and really, really, really need to use the washroom you are going to make time to do it.

Basically if you want time to devote to your weight loss program then you are going to have to make that time. There will always be things that will want to slide in and gobble up your time. TV is probably the worst; people with no respect for your time are probably second. I frequently hear my clients say that they were planning to get on the treadmill at home or were heading to the gym but their spouse came home late. Or their spouse needed to have super on the table.

There are times in your life where you are going to have to come first. Sometimes that requires getting up early before everyone else and sometimes it requires that you put your foot down and say that from 5-6PM every second day is YOU time. No exceptions.

If you are scared to say this sort of thing or couldn’t imagine being so selfish, then I can hear the smacking jaws of emotional issues eating at you on the insides. Let me ask you a question to show you how important it is to make time for yourself and your weight loss program. Here it goes; “When are you most likely to happily share your last bit of chocolate cake with someone?” The answer? WHEN YOU ARE FULL.

When you are full and happy inside is when you have the most to offer other people. In fact sometimes making time for yourself is the best way to make sure you can give the most to the people around you. If you are still hungry, even sharing the smallest bit will fill you with resent towards the person that wants what you have.

So how do you make time for a weight loss program when your life is so busy? You take it. You take care of yourself, and organize your priorities so that you will have more to give in the long run. This is what we mean when we say that your health is your greatest investment and that you shouldn’t spend half your life chasing wealth and then the second half spending your wealth to regain your health.

Hope that helps,
Ray Burton
Fat Loss Coach

Ray Burton is a motivational speaker, an ISSA-certified personal trainer, philanthropist, and author of the best selling weight loss book, “Fat To Fit - The Journey” Ray has written hundreds of articles and been featured in Rising Women, The Calgary Sun and Crosstrainer. ca.

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