How to Make Healthy Smoothies that Still Taste Good


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Granted, most of us are aware of the necessity to eat healthier these days. However, the enjoyment of these foods is perhaps what is more paramount as that may be the deciding factor as to whether we stick with certain dietetic habits or not.

As far as healthy living and what not is concerned, blended smoothies are great for a concentrated meal that’s ready in a minute. You can combine a variety of fruit with some water, possibly add some dates or genuine maple syrup and make a delicious smoothie that can be enjoyed anytime as a healthy meal while on your weight loss program.

It is also safe to say that this is much better than the popular method of consuming fruits, juicing. The main reason for this is because one will still be able to keep the fiber which is an essential nutrient present in our fruits and vegetables for several reasons, the main one being that the fiber will serve as intestinal brooms to push all unwanted debris out.

Now, the recipes listed below are my personal favorites for smoothies. I think they are creative ways to enjoy the proper diet and not entirely miss out on pleasuring ourselves occasionally.

What’s more appealing is they take less than 5 minutes (if that) to make and they are loaded with nutrients to ensure that all dietetic requirements of nutrition are met.

Here we go.

"Chocolate" Milk

-10-15 medium dates

-3 ripe bananas.

-1 Young Coconut (I don't usually use the water inside of the nut although I heard it has some benefits, I have tested it on me to a not so good result but again we are all different)

-16 oz cold Water

Blend everything starting with the fruits then the coconut.

Papaya Passion

-1 medium Papaya

-1 red delicious apple

-5 dates (pitted)

Blend everything and prepare for something outta this world!

Strawberry Delight

-4-8 strawberries

-1-2 Bananas

-8-10 dates

My Milk Shake tastes much better than yours. . . !

-2 cups of Durian

-8 dates

-2 bananas

-1 tsp of Carob powder

Mango Magic

-1-2 ripe mangos (peeled)

-8 dates (pitted)

-Juice of one orange

Durian Deck

-24 oz of durian

-1/2 orange

-Blend both.

Well, those are my favorites. I can bet you besides saving you money from buying otherwise unhealthy mixtures; these smoothies are bound to be just as or even tastier than their not so nourishing counterparts and with the added bonus of feeding the body with life-giving nutrients.

Here’s to health and happiness.

In Friendship,

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and co-founder of BodyHealthSoul LLC. Stop by His Website today for more on Healthy Living Tips and Information for Improving Overall Wellness


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