What to Know About Calcium Channel Blockers


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Calcium is very important to the human body especially to women who have given birth. It is responsible for making the bones and teeth strong. Nevertheless, a bone with high calcium content can stand the heavy stress that is given by work done by a person.

However, calcium can also be harmful to human when it is absorbed by organs not needing it. It may cause paralysis, other health complication or even death. That can happen when calcium goes into the heart’s muscle. Calcium can make the muscle of the heart to contract and can narrow the arteries which may later be able to cause heart attack or stroke.

The pharmaceutical society developed a drug that can block the entry of the calcium to the heart and its components. The drug is commonly known as calcium channel blocker. There are different calcium channel blockers and some of them are dihydropyridine, phenylalkylamine and benzothiazepine.

The following questions may be asked to totally know Calcium Channel Blockers:

What are Calcium Channel Blockers?

They are drugs formulated to block calcium entrance to the heart and its components. It prevents calcium to penetrate the heart because calcium can cause complications in the heart that may lead to heart attack and other health problems. Calcium channel blockers may lower angina (the pain experienced by a person due to low oxygen intake in the heart carried by the blood) in the heart. It can lower angina by means of dilating the arteries and lowering the pressure in the arteries to allow more oxygen intake. It can also work by means of lowering the pressure in the heart, causing the latter to pump blood easily causing it to require less oxygen.

What are the usages Calcium Channel Blockers?

Primarily, calcium channel blockers are used to prevent the entry of calcium to the heart. It is specifically used to treat angina, high blood pressure and abnormal heart rhythms. Calcium channel blockers are also used by cardiologists as beta-blocking drugs for heart attack patients.

What are the side-effects of the Calcium Channel Blockers?

Most medicines have side effects and can cause negative reactions in the human body. A person treated with calcium channel blocker may experience constipation, headache, edema or the swelling of the legs, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. A person may also experience low blood pressure due to high concentration of the medicine to lower high blood pressure.

Those are the basic things to know about calcium channel blockers. Do not be afraid of the side-effects of the medicine because they are still tolerable. When cure is assumed, side-effects are neglected.

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