Ways To Avoid Getting Acne


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People between ages 12 and 24 run the chance of getting acne; this unsightly skin condition can be caused by numerous factors. Most acne outbreaks are caused by the sebaceous glands secreting more than they should, but factors such as a poor diet, oily skin, stress, and a host of other issues can give rise to an acne condition. To avoid getting acne, or to clear up an existing acne problem, the following tips are recommended:

Make sure that you keep a well balanced, healthy diet. Ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis, making a concentrated effort to keep a healthy diet.

Avoid carbonated beverages such as sodas as much as possible. It is important to stay hydrated, and its best to drink water or juice when you're feeling thirsty.

Wearing make-up can cause oil to be trapped on your face, causing an increased risk of getting acne.

If you're a person with long hair, do your best to keep it from touching your face. The oils secreted by the hair can rub off onto the face, causing a likelihood of acne.

If you get your hands dirty, do all that you can to wash them before you touch your face. Rubbing dirt on your face is a significant reason that people can get acne.

It's important to remove all the excess oil from your face as effectively as possible. To do this, it is often recommended to use a cleaning solution that contains salicylic acid, sulfur, or benzoyl peroxide. These agents are known to be the most effective when it comes to topical cleaning pads.

Do your best to only use products that involve mild exfoliation. Harsh cleaners can really damage your skin, and so it's best to be gentle and use mild products.

Use soap and water to wash your face throughout the day. This simple process helps to remove the plugs located on the pores of the skin, which are composed of dead cells and bacteria. While it doesn't completely help an acne problem, it helps to avoid further complications.

These are just some simple tips to help you deal with an acne problem. If your issue is severe, it can be helpful to speak to a health care professional to get an opinion on whether acne medication is right for you.

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Acne Control - Acne Myths to Avoid
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