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One of the most interesting fields, constantly recorded and extensively studied, is the field of dreams. This is due to the fact that almost all cultures have assigned different meanings to a variety of dreams and records of diverse civilizations have at some point attempted to influence the masses by interpreting this unconscious level of the mind.

Today, many people are still devoting their lives in examining the field of dreams. Through the use of advanced technological tools, modern scientists and researchers have invented new methods to assist them in comprehending how and if these unconscious instances of our minds play an important role in the development and understanding of our conscious selves.

Whether or not you consider yourself to be superstitious, you might have found yourself being annoyed by individuals who have tried to interpret their or your dreams. Newspaper articles, shows, websites and a variety of ‘experts’ that can be reached by calling a rather expensive telephone number, have tried to provide interested parties with the answers they seek from their sleeping adventures. In fact, scientists around the globe suggest that dreams can act as an unconscious channel of thought by signaling important information hidden in the unconscious level. Thus, it is commonly agreed by scholars that the sleeping stage our minds enter while dreaming is one of the most stimulating and debated moments recorded in human history. From the study of ancient Greeks and Egyptians to contemporary philosophers and dream “experts, " dreams seem to carry the mystery of the unknown consequences of our present or future actions and depending on an individual's predispositions can influence our conscious life course.

Extensively studied by psychoanalysts, like Sigmund Freud, dreams have been considered a way for scientists to explain their subjects’ actions or line of thought. Today, dreams are mainly considered to be an unconscious response to daily activities and sensations. But, exactly because dreams act as an unconscious reflecting mirror of our thoughts, dreams can provide insightful indications of explaining sudden changes in the way people interact with others or think about themselves. A nightmare or a *** dream can greatly affect an individual's daily routine and be responsible for the psychological state one has while awake. This is stated so as to signify the effects our dreams have on our actions, whether or not we believe or try to explain them later.

Finally, scientific studies have divided sleep into different stages, one of them being the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage, during which dreams occur. Since the sleeping stages circulate several times during an eight hour sleep and when the last REM stage is completed, researchers have recorded multiple dream periods. Whether or not you remember your dreams -if you do you probably remember only the ones you had during your most recent REM stage- it is certain that you do dream. Since dreams are easily forgotten, remembering them and attempting to interpret the imagery “seen" can be apparently a very exciting experience. But before taking a dream seriously, try to remember that dreams are a way of our unconscious mind to exercise itself and do not necessarily portray a logical outcome of our actions when alert. Do not be afraid of dreaming; enjoy the “dream away" stage as a vital one of your healthy sleeping patterns.

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The Dreamer and the Dream -- Do you Dream of Victimhood or Empowerment?
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