What Causes the Common Cold and other Frequently Asked Questions about Cold and Flu


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What Causes the Common Cold?

Scientists, doctors and researchers, as well as a lot of regular people know that what causes the common cold can be one of over 200 different viruses. We know the most about the rhinovirus, which grows easily in a laboratory setting, but corona viruses are believed to cause a large percentage of cold symptoms. Para influenza, influenza A and B viruses can all cause common cold and flu symptoms.

Does getting a chill or getting overheated cause a cold?

It is a myth that getting a chill can cause a cold. Studies have shown that people who are chilled are no more likely to be infected with a cold virus than anyone else. If the virus enters the nose, most people will become infected and develop symptoms.

When is cold and flu season?

In the United States, most colds occur during the fall and winter. Epidemics of influenza typically occur during the winter months. Although cold weather is not what causes the common cold and flu viruses live throughout the year, experts believe that more cases occur during the colder months, because people spend more time indoors where the virus is more easily spread. The rhinovirus does seem to survive better when humidity is lower, thus the colder months of the year.

Does an air humidifier help prevent the common cold?

Expert opinions vary on whether dryness of the nasal passage is a contributory factor of developing cold symptoms. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reports that dryness may make the lining of the nose more vulnerable to infection, but other experts say that even if the nose feels dry, the mucus membranes inside the nose are still moist. And, that, once again, if the virus enters the nose, most people will become infected.

What are the symptoms of cold and flu?

Viral infection of the lining of the nose is what causes the common cold symptoms, thus the symptoms include nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing. The throat and sinuses may be affected as well. There may be swelling in the sinuses and sore throat. A cough due to throat irritation and post-nasal drip may develop. Some people experience headache and/or low fever. Symptoms of cold and flu may be similar, but fever and body aches usually occur first in cases of influenza and other symptoms similar to the common cold develop later.

Can immune system boosters prevent cold and flu?

Most research indicates that taking vitamin C supplements, zinc and other natural products that provide immune system support can reduce the number of colds a person has per year and reduce the severity of flu symptoms.

Patsy Hamilton has more than twenty years experience in health care and currently writes informational articles for the Immune System Booster Guide. Read more about the common cold and flu viruses at http://www.immune-system-booster-guide.com


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