Hypnosis Can Effectively Help Cure Diabetes

Pradeep Agarwal

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Diabetes is now considered to be a worldwide epidemic, which has serious after effects like blindness, kidney failure, impotence that in turn makes the illness out of control. A Hypnotist can definitely help a person with diabetes, as a Hypnotist is considered a stress management consultant and a motivational coach. However a Hypnotist can only be a part of your diabetes support group and medical approval is required before enlisting yourself for any hypnosis program.

A person with diabetes will be feeling stressful and it may be difficult for him or her to follow the doctor’s advice. They may want to reach out for something which will make them feel better instantly, for instance for a type of food which may not be a good and healthy choice of food. The hypnotist helps in reducing harmful stress. This stress can affect a person’s power to make choices, which are beneficial for their health. If a persons stress levels increase their blood sugar also increases. The body releases chemicals called ‘insulin-antagonists’ which block the insulin and release stored sugar in the liver and muscles.

Parents of children with diabetes create stress both for the parents and for the child. The parents are tense looking after a sick child and the child is stressed because they cannot deal with the overwhelming problem like any adult. For Child Diabetes Management it is essential that expert care should be provided.

As many as 95% of the persons with diabetes have Type-2 Diabetes and they are obese. Regular exercise and diet management for Type-2 Diabetic patients leads to complete system reduction. There is a need for exercise motivation and weight management. Generally exercise gives you a sense of well-being and positively in outlook. A Hypnotist can help a person with diabetes to reduce stress and help them commit to making better food choices.

Another personal problem that most diabetes patients face which they feel embarrassed to admit to is impotence. These people and their partners are feeling stressed. They may take medication for this problem, which may be inappropriate and actually may cause damage. As many as 60% of the males face this problem.

A Hypnotist can counsel and train the patients how to manage their diabetes and live a healthy life. Even a small reduction in a diabetic patients sugar level reduces their chances of having complications. There are millions of people who have undiagnosed diabetes. A Hypnotist can be an important part of a Diabetics health care system and help cure diabetes to a certain extent.

Pradeep Aggarwal is a renowned Hypnosis & NLP guru with career spanning two and half decades He is also a much sought after speaker and peak performance consultant for Organizations and Sport Teams . Visit Hypnosis Global for free 6 part mini course to learn Self Hypnosis and Personal Transformation.


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