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Nitin Chhoda

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It always intrigues me.

Call it the flip side of economic prosperity, but our activity levels seem to be reducing, and food habits spiraling out of control as we get more productive at work. With widespread use of technology in almost every aspect of life, we could be looking at shopping, communicating, and doing business without even moving from one place to another. So much so, that we have reached a stage where a basic form of movement like walking, is now considered a fitness activity, the most popular one in the country!Lack of time is a common concern for most individuals, and this is where a ‘do-it-anywhere’ approach works best. If the thought of shapely arms, sculpted legs and a trimmer tummy is appealing, then invest 10 minutes a day trying these simple exercises, as a part of your daily schedule, both at home and at work.


1. In a seated position - Inhale deeply. Next, raise both knees together while exhaling slowly.

2. In the standing position, stretch out your waist region by inhaling and then bending on the right side. Allow your right hand to slide down on the outer part of your right thigh and then your right shin. Hold for 10 seconds while exhaling, come to the center, and repeat on the other side.


1. In the sitting position, clench your hands in a fist and move your hands like this: 10 circles in, then 10 circles out.

2. Put your hands in a praying position and squeeze for 10 seconds, then clasp them together and try to pry them apart (but do not lose contact between the 2 hands). Next, make a fist of both hands, hold one fist directly over the other and push down, keeping the other hand stationary. Repeat by changing hands. In a few days, you can progress to squeezing and releasing a towel 20-30 times.

3. Lift your shoulders up towards your ears as high as you can. Hold them there for 3 seconds and then let them drop down as far as they will comfortably go and hold the stretch for 3 seconds. Perform 10 of these exercises.


1. While sitting, practice raising the right knee and bringing it close to your chest 10 times. Remember to exhale as you raise the knee and inhale as you lower it. If you practice this daily then you can try to raise both knees at the same time while sitting. Repeat on the other side.

2 Still while in the sitting position, straighten your knee by raising the foot in the air, one at a time. Hold the foot at the top of the movement for 2 seconds and lower it slowly. Practice 20 times on each side.


1. Walk for 20 minutes daily. Stop using a vehicle for short distances and institute a self-imposed ban on elevator use. There's nothing like climbing a few stories to raise your heart rate and strengthen those legs!

2. Using the stairs instead of the elevator for just 5 minutes daily can result in weight loss to the tune of 1-2 pounds in a few weeks !!

3. Play with your kids! Take them to parks and play grounds, ride cycles with them. Kids benefit from physical activity as much as adults, and it's a great way to spend time together.

The best time to incorporate the 10 minute regimen is in the morning, followed by a shower. What a wonderfully refreshing way to start your day!

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5 Easy Ways To Add Exercise To You Life
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