Hair Loss the Reasons and Solutions


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Both men and women suffer from hair loss; there is no age limit for this problem. It can start at any age. It is assumed that in men it starts at the age of early twenty, and in women it is still earlier too. And the continuous hair fall starts at the middle age.

The real problem with Hair Loss is that it is very difficult to find an appropriate remedy to cure their problem. Many have a doubt about the Products sold in the Market to recover hair loss are really effective or not. Some believe in the hair loss recovery Treatments and few do not believe in such Treatments.

Some people face hair loss due to Heredity, and they do not much chance to cure this type of hair loss as it is not due to any disease or deficiency. Hair loss based on genes has its own problem, and less chance to cure in both men and women. Hereditary hair loss can be from Parent or close relative or many close relatives who suffer some form of hair loss. Here it is the genetic based disease that carries the DNA with it. High stress and poor nutrition can also cause hair loss. In this case the reason cannot be heredity.

Modern technology has changed the attitude of people who were skeptic regarding recovery from hair loss. If the hair loss is due to heredity there was not a chance for a cure. But now we have alternatives like Hair Transplantation and as a result of advancement in technology these look very natural.

Earlier, filling hair was done by hair plugs which looked unnatural today hair transplantation surgery has made things go easy, if you are not interested in surgery you can fill the hair with non surgical procedures like hair waves. That is in this process natural or synthetic hair is woven in with your head so that it appears to be natural.

You can notice sudden hair loss in women after giving birth. This is due to reduced hormones in their body. But during pregnancy there is considerable increase in growth of hair. Excess combing or brushing should be avoided during this period of hair loss. This hair loss is a temporary one. So one need not worry about treatment as it is cured automatically.

Next viewing the remedy, a person has to do some research to find the available treatment for his problem. It takes a little time, because the person should first find out the main cause for the hair loss, that is whether it is due to heredity or stress and deficiency. Then he has to find out the exact remedy for his hair loss that will work best to recover form hair loss. It takes little time to complete the whole process because a person first should find out the cause, then the proper remedy that really treats the damaged hair.

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Hair Loss Treatment - 4 Effective Solutions To A Growing Problem
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