Hair Loss- How to Reverse it


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A person with healthy hair and hairy head is considered to be the smart and beautiful person. This thought gives them confidence in them. But if the hair loss is due to heredity chances are very few to be cured. The disappearing of follicles is not due to weak diet. It may be due to genetic problem.

You may have tried on hair growth formulas or pills which have managed to reduce the hair loss, but it would not have satisfied you fully, because you may feel still your hair is falling and the growth has been reduced. There are few formulae that can be used to get full hair growth.

Inversion is the best way to reduce lack of blood flow. Blood flow is very important in healthy hair. Lack of blood flow is one of the major causes for bald head. The simplest way to recover from lack of blood is to reduce scalp tension and invert the body so more blood flows to the head. The other easy way is lie down on the floor and prop your legs up on a chair.

Biotin and zinc are the two essential nutrients for hair growth. Nutrient food is good for healthy living. The body condition is depends on the food you eat. What ever you eat it is stored in your body. If you have oily scalp avoid eating fat and oil. You can change the diet and can eat lean meat, fiber diet and multi-vitamins that contain biotin and zinc.

One another theory about hair loss is derived Chinese form of Mandarin Medicine called the theory of Qi. According to which the body is made of energy of cooling the Yin and the energy of Heat called Yang. The Yin is necessary for hair growth and when the balance of the body is dominated by the Yang energy it results in Hair loss and once the balance is maintained your Hair loss will be cured. But you must totally avoid smoking and drinking as they tend to add toxins to your body.

One has to take a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and other necessary ingredient for the body. Only then your nutrient food can do the work it has to do. Stress free is the next important factor in hair growth. The lack of blood flow is due to over stress. If you decide to care your hair growth take steps to reduce your stress and increase the blood flow. The ability to relax and let go the worries is the best way to keep oneself healthy. A healthy person never complains of loss of hair.

John Gibb is the owner of hairloss tips For more information on hairloss check out www.Hairloss-Guidance.Info

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