7 Tips For Back Acne Treatment


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Back acne is a bit more difficult to treat than acne on other parts of the body such as the face and neck area. Not only is it harder to reach but the skin at the back is also thicker than that on the face or neck.

Even when it's not all that visible, it can still cause problems to those who have it. It causes skin irritation, and it may limit the types of clothes the person can wear.

Tips to Treat Back Acne

There is no definite cause of back acne. However, it may be caused by perspiration and the inability of the skin to breathe due to blocked pores and the wearing of tight-fitting clothes.

There is also no one step cure to back acne. Indeed, getting rid of back acne can depend on the type of medicine you use. Below are some measures you can take to treat back acne.

  • When you perspire, be sure to wash the area to reduce the sebum and bacteria.

  • You can use over the counter medicines such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These help clear the pores. However, ensure that they contain higher concentrations than those used on the face.

  • You can also get rid of back acne by applying a thin layer of tea tree oil to dry skin at least two times a day.

  • Wear cotton fibers when exercising. This enables the pores to breathe and remain dry.

  • If you have a bad case of back acne, try to use prescribed drugs, which are more powerful. Examples are antibiotics such as tetracycline and erythromycin. These can kill the excessive bacteria in the body. However, the back acne cure lasts only for as long as the antibiotic is being taken. It is not advised to continuously take antibiotics though as their constant use can make the body immune to them.

  • Other stronger medicines for severe cases of back acne are isotretinoin and accutane. However, due to the harshness of these chemicals, they come with more serious side effects.

  • If you want a back acne medicine that works fast and is side effect-free, try Acnessential. It effectively removes acne regardless of which part of the body it's on. It works fast, and is not messy to use. Moreover, it is safe to use because its active ingredient is Niacinamide, a vitamin B3 derivative. In a published scientific study conducted by the prestigious New York University college of medicine, Topical Niacinamide was proven to be as effective as the leading prescription acne treatment medication, Clindamycin.

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