Cosmetic Surgery and Perspective


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People decide to undergo cosmetic surgery because they are uncomfortable with a particular part of their body. When assessing results, it is important to keep this in mind.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as agreed upon beauty. People tend to have different tastes and express differing opinions as a result. Some people feel Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful women in the world while others feel Jennifer Anniston should get the top vote. Brad Pitt, of course, is simply one lucky fellow.

Put in simple terms, beauty is a matter of perspective. People subjectively like certain things and dislike others. When considering cosmetic surgery, it is very important that you understand this fact. More than a few patients have fallen into the trap of losing perspective and thus becoming unhappy with surgical results without reason.

Assume you do not care for your ears. Specifically, you think they stick out excessively. You consult with a cosmetic surgeon to get an opinion on what can realistically be done. The surgeon talks with you and then shows you before and after pictures of procedures on other patients. You decide a particular result is exactly what you are after. You have the surgery, go through recovery and walk out into a brave new world happy to have just the result the surgeon promised. In short, you wanted a particular look and the surgeon provided it.

Now we move forward in time a few months. You have become aware that people have commented on your ears in a negative fashion. The comments can be in practically any form so long as they bother you. You get more and more annoyed and suddenly determine you have had a bad result. Simply put, you have lost perspective. The surgeon gave you what you wanted. It is not their fault that other people don’t care for it.

It is vitally important that you understand that cosmetic surgery is designed to give you a result that YOU WANT! The surgeon has no idea what others will think. He or she also does not walk around and take a survey of people regarding what they think your ears should look like. It is your choice. If you subsequently decide you do not like the choice you made, changes may or may not be possible. Regardless, it is incredibly important that you take the time to carefully evaluate the modifications you want.

Knee-jerk reactions are a really bad strategy when going in for cosmetic surgery.

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