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Bad Breath is actually very natural though not very pleasant. Although it can be caused by many different serious illnesses, we'll only consider the garden variety much more common Halitosis or Stinky Breath.

First healthy breath should generally be neutral in odor. That is, not sweet, sour, or have a definite “aroma. "

Were you ever introduced to someone who had an odor or smelly breath? We're not talking strong food like onions but a rotten smell. The problem may have been a case of bad breath.

Most cases of halitosis is due to decayed food particles between your teeth and at the gum line. The bacteria in your mouth causes the food to decay giving off the gaseous odors. It's especially noticeable in the morning because we've had hours to allow the decaying food to do it's worst. Morning mouth is nothing more than the bacteria getting a jump on your dental hygiene.

Here are a few bad breath cures.

1. Flavored mouthwashes only mask the odor. Rinsing with either a mouthwash or plain water however will loosen some stuck food particles and make your mouth feel fresher and smell better.

2. Regular teeth brushing. If you have an important meeting after lunch, consider taking a vacation toothbrush to the office to make certain your mouth is as clean as possible.

3. Floss your teeth. Flossing is using a piece of string like material to rub between each set of 2 teeth. This loosened and removes build up of plaque and decaying food.

4. Wash your tongue! That's right, many of those smelly bacteria are literally on the tip of your tongue. Washing your tongue is easy using a terry cloth washcloth and plain water. You can brush your tongue if you so desire but washing or brushing, just remember it's important to do.

5. If teeth brushing isn't an option, try chewing gum. Sugarless gum can loosen food matter from between your teeth and also mask any odors from that strong jalapeno sandwich you had for lunch.

Don't use gum with sugar however. The sugars in the gum is like more food for the bacteria and can actually make your breath smell worse.

How can you tell if you have Halitosis? One quick way is to lick the back of your hand and smell it. If it's not pleasant to you, the owner, it's probably not welcome to anyone around you either.

In the end, good dental hygiene that includes regular teeth brushing, flossing and tongue washing will go a long way to keeping your breath kiss-ably fresh!

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Bad Breath - Your Medications Could Be The Cause Of Your Bad Breath Problem
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