Chronic Back Pain And Morphine Pumps


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Constant and unbearable back pain over a period of time is chronic back pain. Over the counter medications to treat this type of condition, will just give you temporary relief. Painkillers can not level the back pain area. They can suppress it for a while and give you the joy you sought for, fort a short duration. Then you are back to square one- back pain!

What will you do now? This time, you have decided to get rid of this depressing pain, once for all. For the last more than six months, you are not responding to any medical or surgical care. What could be the reason for your chronic pain? It may be due to an old injury, completely healed, but showing its ugly face again. The God forbid, it might even be due to an impending cancer attack, not yet detected by your doctor!

This information is for the people who love statistics. An estimated $ 100 billion a year in medical costs, working days lost, and compensation paid to the workers suffering from back pain. Well, such is the pain budget of USA.

Desperate situations lead you to desperate remedies. Whether the remedies are worthwhile, it is altogether a different matter. Even after multiple surgeries, even after taking all sorts of medicines, when the pain still persists, you indeed cut a sorry figure about yourself. You become cynical and develop depression. In such a situation, if someone gives you the idea of spinal pumps and stimulators, and tells you the related success stories, you are bound to consider that option as well.

In the final stage of the chronic back pain, when it becomes unbearable, you suffer from loss of appetite, nausea, constipation and severe lethargy. This is mainly due to the medication of painkillers you have taken over a long period. As a pain controlling exercise, there are instances when the patients have taken 300 milligrams of morphine per day, to get relief.

Now the same stuff, morphine is taken in a different manner, but the quantity is drastically reduced- just one milligram per day. This is done with the help of intrathecal spinal pumps.

The medicine reaches the spot where it is exactly needed. The medicine is given by implanting surgically a pump under the skin of a person's abdomen and running a catheter to the correct location in the spine, in the pain giving area. The medicine thus, provides instant pain relief and the dose of medication is reduced drastically.

As on date, chronic back pain sufferers, admit that they are benefited a lot, with morphine through pump method. In the times to come, you will hear more opinions about the utility of this system. & Chronic Back Pain provides detailed information on back pain, back pain treatment, back pain cure and more.


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