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If ballroom dancing is a past time of yours that you enjoy but you suffer from a verruca, then you will understand the importance of wearing the right shoes. However, even though the right footwear is worn on the feet it is still no guarantee there will be no discomfort. Treatment is needed so that you may continue in upping your performance on the dance floor like that of Mr Gene Kelly. If your dancing has been put on hold because of this problem, then speak with your doctor for advice on how to ease the discomfort so that you can dance again.

A verruca (plantar wart) is a type of wart found on the lower limb (sole of the foot). It is no different to that of a common wart as we know them - but because of the body weight pressing down onto the verruca it then becomes painful and sore. The appearance of this foot wart - is slightly raised and round with a thickened edge of surrounding skin. Other signs and strong points to look out for - to decipher this type of verruca is that of fine tiny black dots. It is not uncommon to find a cluster of them to appear all together.

A mound/clump or clusters of small warts are referred to as ‘mosaic warts’ - these you will be happy to hear are usually painless. If you are a concerned parent and worried about the children developing warts then do not worry because, this type of verruca in minors - tend to appear and then disappear. I don`t want to burst any ones bubble but warts on adults can persist for a long time (years) if left unattended (not treated). Just like other warts, a verruca can stem from the strains of the papillomavirus.

Do not be alarmed but papillomavirus is present in huge amounts on a vast majority of different humans which is carried on the surface of their skin. This will not cause any harm or cause problems unless it pierces the skin. Unhealthy and neglected skin e. g. skin with fine cracks on the surface may well be the likely place for this to happen.

There is no real proven guarantee that a verruca is picked up in swimming pools as a great many people are led to believe. In saying that, there is without a doubt plenty of papillomavirus around swimming pools etc, particularly so in the shower area. Remember you are very unlikely to get a verruca if your skin is without flaws. A good idea to minimize any risk if this is a big worry for you is, to consider wearing flip-flops or open sandals in the shower.

If those dancing shoes are left on the shelf for to long - you may just forget how to tango or rumba. Some good advice is to pop along to the doctor so that he/she can check you over. Try not swap shoes.

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