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Stop for a moment and ask yourself “What are five things I'm most grateful for today? Ten?" It's so easy and it seems pretty natural, when things aren't going right, to get angry and frustrated. It's common for people to shake their fists at the sky and say, “Why me?!" At these times, what's needed is a little perspective.

For me, in October of 2000, it was just downright painful to even sit and type, due to the disks in my neck that may or may not require surgery. There were so many “What ifs?" that it was a bit daunting. What if I did nothing? What wass reasonable to expect from therapy? Surgery? What about mobility afterwards? How about sports? Ever again? Precautions? Pain? Oh, the pain! Paralysis? Loss of use of a limb? Gosh, I was only 38!! This wasn't in the plan! And that's just what a lot of people do until they're “paralyzed" with anxiety.

There is another way. . . The desire must be to feel better mentally when it's not possible physically or when outer circumstances aren't likely to change soon. Isn't that right? I mean, you'd like to at least “feel better" in your thoughts, right? It IS possible.

So I literally can't think of a better thing to do than to put forth every ounce of effort into gaining a perspective on things that will bring peace of mind. Haven't we all known or heard of someone who has experienced devastating circumstances, including radical deterioration to their health, yet they “managed" to stay “positive?" They must be out of their right minds, huh? But the truth is that there are literally millions of people right now whose daily struggles make our own seem like a grain of sand in our shoe. It's all about perspective. . .

Remember, things could be worse, right? You could be gone already. The pain could be triple. The loss could be total and permanent. The embarrassment could be worse. . . somehow. The scars could be worse. You could live in a refugee camp. You could be starving. Remember, if you were born in a country with tremendous freedoms, you've got it a whole lot better than BILLIONS of others. Do you shiver in your sleep? Do you wonder where your next meal is coming from?

To go on with grace and a calming peace, I only need to think about all the things that ARE good. . .in comparison to what they could be. . .compared to what so many others are experiencing this very moment. . .compared to where I've been.

Take a minute or two or ten and write down a short list that you can pop in your wallet, pocket or purse. Put on it all the things you can think of that are good compared to what things used to be like. What's good compared to what others face? How's your country? Your neighborhood? Your schools? Your friends? Has anyone shoved a gun in your face in the last 24 hours?

No matter what can happen to you, keep in mind that it could be worse. Also, remember that you are bigger than any of it. You can go on with dignity and overcome all of it. One peaceful, smiling, serene and grateful minute at a time. There are plenty of role models who've experienced it all before you have, all around you to help you do it. Isn't that rather comforting?


- I can overcome anything no matter what it is

- I have the power to put things in the right perspective

- I live with tremendous peace of mind

- I accept all that happens to me with grace and calm

- I am a clear thinker

- People look to me for guidance and inspiration


"When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things. " - Amy Vanderbilt

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How To Praise The Goodness In People
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