Can Pregnancy Occur Even After You Have Had A Vasectomy?


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There are many guys who believe that once they have had a vasectomy they have no concerns regarding pregnancy. Though a vasectomy is one of the most effective methods of birth control, care still needs to be taken if you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. One of the main reasons for an unwanted pregnancy after a vasectomy is because an alternative method of birth control wasn’t used in the first few months following the actual vasectomy. It’s important that you realize that once you have had your vasectomy, it is still possible for you to father a child in the first few months following your operation. This is because your body will continue to hold a small amount of sperm for a short period. It is for this reason that you must continue to use another form of birth control until your doctor gives you the all-clear.

Of course, another reason for a pregnancy after a vasectomy operation is basically because the vasectomy has not been a success. It is possible that your vas deferens could have grown together. This happens very rarely, but nevertheless, it is known to happen and is know as recanalization.

There was a report carried out by a medical journal that questioned some 500 women whose husbands had previously had a vasectomy. Of those questioned, six women had gone on to be pregnant within the following six years of their husband’s vasectomy. Of these six pregnancies, three of them took place inside the opening three months. It is thought that this happened because the couples failed to use an alternative method of birth control as directed by their doctors. Two further pregnancies arose inside the opening year; these were thought to be due to the fact that the vasectomies had failed and recanalization had occurred.

You can improve your chances of avoiding pregnancy by following you’re doctor’s advice. Many, many men do not bother to attend appointments set by their physicians once they have had their vasectomies. If you attend these meetings, you can get a regular sperm count and find out when the sperm within your semen as finally departed.

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